In today’s world where everything is so fast and quick, having a personal vehicle especially a car is a must. This urgency of having a vehicle has boosted the sales of the automobile industry. Not only the sales for brand new cars has gone up but the used car market has also seen performance hike is the recent years. Buying a used car can help you to save a lot of cash as compared to a brand new one. Well purchasing used car is a lot complicated the making a purchase for the new one.

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Hence, to make it easy for you to buy a used car, we have given certain tips below that you should absolutely consider.

1. Know your budget

This is the very first that you need to consider when you are planning to buy a used car. Determine a budget according to your requirements and needs. Think logically while determining the budget and stick to the budget that you have planned. Know your limit when you plan out your budget.

2. Conduct a research on the model

After determining the budget, the next most important thing that you need to do is to conduct a research on the model that you want to buy.

There are a number of cars that are available in the market like a sports car, convertible, two seaters or a family car like 8-seater. You should choose the car from the available options according to your needs and requirements. When you have a proper idea of the model that you want, you can minimize the confusions that may occur when you are encountered with a number of cars. You can also save your time by not researching on the wrong model.

3. Take advantage of the local used cars auction

Well, as the demand for second-hand cars have increased, people have taken advantage of this demand and have started conducting auctions for used cars. An auction is a method of selling most often the used cars through an auction system. Moreover, while looking forward to purchasing a second-hand car, you can also visit these local car auctions. A lot of people turn to car auctions to find reliable cars at a relatively lower price. You can also visit such an auction to see if any of the cars present there suits your need or requirements.  

4. Don’t buy the car without thinking

Irrespective of the fact that whether a car is brand new one or a used car. They involve a lot of investment. Moreover, you should be impulsive in buying a car just for the sake of buying it. You should give yourself proper rule of thought regarding making a purchase for the car. Being impulsive while buying a used car is like a buying a car without having a look at it. Being very quick with this decision prevents you from conducting a proper research. You might not even look at certain things or just ignore proper inspection while being too excited to buy the used car. Another thing to notice is that you should avoid buying models that have gone out of production because it will get difficult for you to maintain the car in the long run.

5. Get your own mechanic

The probability of having issues is more in the used cars rather than a brand new one. Therefore, this requires a lot of inspection and examination on the part of the customer so as to get fully satisfied. There are a lot of car dealerships that provide their own mechanics to inspect the cars. But it is always recommended to take your own mechanic while you are going to inspect the car. This gives you peace of mind that no one cheating on you. And you tend to rely more on your own mechanic rather than the one that the car dealer provides.

6. Inspect the owner

You have two major choices while buying a used car, one is from certified car dealerships and the other is buying from private owners. Well buying used cars from certified car dealerships requires inspection of the car only. But when you are looking forward to buying a used car from a private owner, you should inspect the owner also. Ask questions as to why the owner is selling the car? Is the owner trustworthy enough? Is the owner telling the truth about the car? Is the owner not hiding any fault that the used car has?

Well, sometimes learning about the owner can tell you a lot about the car itself. Hence, you should only inspect the used car but also the owner to end up with a profitable transaction.

7. Check the engine

While inspecting the car, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to check the engine. The engine is the heart of the car, without the engine, the car is of no use. If the car looks extensively clean, it doesn’t mean that there would be no problem in the engine. The engine repairs are very expensive and it is very difficult to evaluate the mechanical condition of the engine during a quick test drive. Check under the hood of the car for any indication of dents, damage or rust. Check the hoses and belts. Inspect the engine for any sort of leakage or corrosion. Have an elaborative check on the different parts of the engine and

8. Get a test drive

Take a test drive of the used car that you would like to purchase. This will help you to detect any obvious problems. While test driving your car, pay attention to the gears, steering and brakes. Also, observe the suspension, any noises from the engine and of course make sure that there is ease of driving the car. A test drive helps you to make sure that a car meets your requirements and reduces your confusions regarding the model of the car. Furthermore, it is also advised to get take your mechanic along with you while you are going for a test drive because a mechanic can easily identify the hidden problems of the car and also there is no harm in taking a second opinion.

9. Look at the maintenance

If you want to buy a used car, you should definitely go for a car that is well maintained on the inside as well as outside. The exterior of the car is as important as the interior of the car. Even if it requires extra time and effort, you should go for a vehicle that has been treated well. Check the seats and upholstery of the car for any of damage like tears, stains or rips. Check to ensure that the air conditioning of the car is working well by turning it on. Have a look at the odometer of the car for the mileage. This is important because the mileage indicates the age of the car. Well, buying a car that is 10 years old and has low mileage is necessarily not a good deal to do. Verify the car and all the other functions like radio, music installation, sensors for parking and back parking camera.

Furthermore, it is a far safer bet to buy a used car from a manufacturer who has established service networks and dealers. They also offer a warranty on certified used cars. When you buy the used car from an authorized dealer, it would be easy for your to get you car serviced and buy the spare parts more easily and at relevant costs.

10. Get access to the service history

Get an access to the service history of the car. This will give you proper insights about whether the car has gone through servicing at regular intervals or not. Most importantly, you will also get proper information on whether the car has been involved in any kind of accidents or if the car has a major fault in the past. If the car has been serviced at regular intervals, it indicates that the car has been well maintained.

11. Go on for documentation

After you have finalised the model of the car, have done a complete and thorough inspection of the used car from inside as well as outside, it is now the time to check the essential documents.

  • Get the Registration Certificate (RC) of the car as it is the most important document and provides all the necessary information about the car.
  • Next document is the car insurance papers.
  • Get the Original Purchase Invoice from the pre-owned car dealers or from the car dealership.
  • The owner of the car should have paid the road tax when registering the vehicle. So you need to ensure that the seller gives you the Road Tax Receipt.
  • A valid Pollution Under Control certificate.
  • If the previous owner has taken a loan to purchase the car, ask the owner to give you a copy of the NOC from the finance company stating that the loan has been cleared.

12. Negotiate and close the deal

After you have been satisfied will all the things regarding the car, the final thing that you have the to do is to negotiate and close the deal. While bargaining with the dealer or the owner, be very sure and confident about the price. Don’t feel shy in negotiating, you can also ask for a discount. If you find that the dealer or the car owner is giving you a heavy discount, double check the car and the documents. Moreover, if you suspect that something is wrong, withdraw yourself the deal immediately.

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