Starting a business in Dubai offers a tax-free environment and various other benefits that appeals heavy foreign investment each year. The Dubai government has created several measures to make the city a haven for entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen in Dubai.

As a foreign entity entering the international market can be quite tricky and complicated. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you start your business in Dubai.

Step 1 – Choices

You have made the choice to start a company in Dubai, but there are numerous other choices that you will have to make in the process of setting up your company in Dubai. Choices related to business activity; type of business jurisdiction; financial policies; shareholding structure; etc. You can make these choices on your own or take further expert advice from a business setup consultant in Dubai.

Step 2 – Dubai Business Licenses and Registration

An extremely crucial step on this guide is the Dubai business licensing and the registration process. The city of Dubai is segregation based on business activities. Every business activity is columned under a certain license. In the Dubai there are four categories of licenses. Commercial licenses – covering all types of trading activity, professional licenses – covering professional services; industrial licenses – to establish industrial or manufacturing activity; tourism licenses – for companies related to hospitality and travel.

Step 3 – Shareholding Structure

The commercial companies law states that every company must have a specific shareholding structure. This allows companies to determine the category of business organization as well as provides the government an understanding of the company. A shareholding structure of the company will also distinguish the number of shareholders in the company, ratio of capital in the company, the incorporation procedures, etc. The commercial companies law has seven shareholding structures. They are general partnership company, joint venture company, public shareholding company, partnership-en-commendam, private shareholding company, share partnership company and limited liability company (which is most commonly preferred).

Step – 4 Immigration and Visa Procedures

Foreign businessmen and investors need to go through immigration and visa application processes as well to start a company in Dubai. The number of visas issued under a company, the eligibility of a residential visa, the medical and emirates ID formalities are the important factors that need to be fulfilled in the process. Also, various permissions and documentations are applied for, depending on the type of company.

Step 5 – Appoint a business setup consultant in Dubai

Several entrepreneurs have an amazing business idea but do not have the right direction to start a business in Dubai.  Appointing a business setup consultant can help your through the company formation procedure as well as monitor your business setup at all stages. A business setup consultant agenda is to focus on legislative process of your company, acquire all the required documentation and permission, draft administrative and managerial summary, comprehend the management, commercial aspects of your company, etc. Business Setup Consultants also emphasizes on the location of your company and guide you through the initial phase so that your company is open to future growth. With professional business setup consultants in Dubai, you can start a company easily.

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