Pangong Lake

Get Best Trekking Experience By Choose Cheap Chadar Trek Packages


ladakh is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, huge ranges of the people visit the Ladakh and enjoy the vacation with their friends, family, and others. There are huge ranges of the natural sights, temples, lakes, and others. Both the man-made marvels and natural marvels enrich the Ladakh landscape.

You can choose the Best ladakh travel packages and visit the popular places in Ladakh such as Marsmik La, Pangong Tso, Hemis National park and others. You can do different activities in Ladakh such as trekking, camping, camel ride, jeep safari, cycling, biking and much more.  

Visit popular places in Ladakh

Pangong Lake: Pangong Lake is one of the famous destinations to visit. It spread 150 kilometers long and you can reach the lake by car and bike. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountain and lake in the tour. You can take photos with your friends and loved one.

Leh Palace: Leh palace is a popular tourist place in Ladakh. It is constructed in 1553 by Buddhist King. The inside of Leh palace consists of the crown, ceremonial dress, jewelry, and others. The palace exterior offers the exclusive view of the Ladakh mountain range, stok kangri, and others. The palace interior is beautifully decorated with the painting, old picture, and others.

Tso Kar Lake: Tso Kar Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Ladakh that also called the white lake. The lake is located 15280 feet above the sea level. The Tso Kar Lake is the smallest lake in the Ladakh. In the lake, you can see the variety of flowers such as Brahminy duck, bar-headed geese, and others.

Affordable chadar trekking packages

Are you planning for the trekking tour? Do you need to get the trekking experience with the loved one? If yes, then the chadar is one of the best destinations. The chadar trekking tour is the best choice that helps you to explore the beauty of the chadar such as the lake, mountain peak, river, wildlife, temple, and others. You can choose chadar trek packages and enjoy the vacation with the friends. The travelers can trek on the Zanskar River. The chadar trekking is difficult and the trekkers should have physically and mentally stable to complete the trekking tour.

Trekking guide

If you are planning for the trekking tour then you should pack the important things such as wet clothes, first aid kit, shoes, water, and much more. The trekking gear must be brought from the home. The trek boots, warn clothes, ice picks and others are needed for the chadar trekking tour. The travelers should bring the tent for the trekking tour that allows you to put the tent in the caves easily. The trekking tour starts from the Leh and you can visit the various places such as Tibb Cave, Nerak, Tsomo paladar and others. You can visit the various attractions in chadar. In the trekking tour, you can stay in the tent.

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