Get Your Child On-board By Choosing an International School in India

Choosing an International School in India

Some decades ago, state board schools were the only option available for parents. Then came matriculation schools. So, parents taught that their child would gain better exposure.

After matriculation syllabus, many parents came across CBSE schools. They decided that they are even better for the future of their child. Then, ICSE schools came into the picture. Now, with importance to ICSE parents also come across international schools.

These many options really force them into confusion. Most parents can very well understand one thing. They know that that an international school can provide international standard education. So, they decide that this type of school is, of course, beneficial. They are true. Here are the benefits of choosing international schools in India for a child:

International curriculum:

Of course, this is the important benefit. These schools follow a curriculum that has gained international recognition. For instance, students enrolling in an IB Education model school will gain internationally recognized certification.

This in turn, will help them make their higher education choice with ease. So, parents aiming at an abroad education for their child in the future can opt for a school that following international curriculum.

Exposure to global culture:

In general, kids studying in national-level schools only know about the Indian culture. But, an international school will provide the right exposure to international culture. Further, these schools have students from different countries.

Focus on extra-curricular activities:

This is something lagging in most boards in India. This includes state boards and even central board to a certain extent. But, international school pay special attention to the extra-curricular growth of kids.

Most international schools focus on activities like sports, dance, and even talent shows. This is done to make sure that each child achieves a multi-faceted approach.

A bright future:

Education is the biggest gift that any father can give to his son or daughter. Enrolling the little one in an international school right from the early stages will ensure a bright future. For this reason, parents should choose an international school for their son or daughter.


Attending an international school will help children know different languages. Small children generally learn things quickly. So, international schools provide exposure to children to multiple languages.


This is yet another crucial benefit associated with international school education. The child will have peers from multiple countries. This will help him gain the opportunity to talk to parents of their friends. This networking opportunity will develop his friend circle on social networking sites as well.

The IB Curriculum:

Most international schools follow the IB Curriculum. The reason is that this curriculum is internationally accepted. Many colleges in different continents are ready to enrol students with IB certification.

The good thing about IB curriculum is that it encourages critical thinking. This means theory of knowledge among kids. This curriculum is better integrated as compared to the schools following American AP Curriculum.

Is it costly?

It is true that schools following international curriculum will help with overall development of the kid. But, the problem is the huge fee structure. So, parents should decide whether they can manage the funds for the fee structure every year. Otherwise, it is better to keep away.

Parents, who cannot enrol the kid due to the huge fee, should remember one thing. They will have to pay a huge fee every year. This is the reason why only kids from elite communities join these schools.


Apart from the cost factor, international schools in India are beneficial in a number of ways. So, parents should evaluate the pros and cons. They will find that pros outweigh cons in many angles. So, they should feel confident about enrolling their kid in an international school. They should compare different schools before choosing one to ensure a very bright future for her.

Schools with better ranking will be the best choice without any doubt.

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