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So you have finally decided to avail a home loan? Well, now that it’s a Yes from your end, here are some important points you should know. When it comes to a home loan online, it would not be wrong to say that it is a big financial responsibility.

Many people don’t give a second thought before saying yes to a lender and as a result, they regret this decision later. Many of you will surely agree on the fact that an home loan is a long-term commitment of around 30 years. Thus, one should always be careful and financially ready before availing the same.

And, after preparing yourself to take a final call, it would be advisable that you search different renowned lenders of the country in order to grab the best deal. You read that right! The comparison is the key that helps you to enjoy the best deal. However, in order to keep you away from the hassle of searching  and comparing the different lenders, we are here to help. That’s Right! All you need to do is just read this article, as we are going to talk about HDFC home loan interest rates, helping you in cracking the best deal.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s just come to the point straight and give a brief on the same.

Let’s just start from the beginning…

Being a renowned name in the industry, there is no denying the fact that HDFC needs no introduction. The bank is best known for offering the best of financial products and services, hence has created its own niche in the industry. And, when it comes to a home loan, this bank has no doubt become the most preferred choice of many. Talking about the most crucial aspect, i.e. home loan interest rates, the bank offers this credit facility at a rate ranges between 8.35%-8.95% per annum.

Moreover, if we talk more about these lowest home loan interest rates, they are the crucial factor that plays a pivotal role in your overall loan journey. Yes, these rates are the deciding factor that can either make or break the situation for you. This is the reason that why loan seekers always give much attention to interest rates as the same will have a greater impact on the EMIs and Interest Outgo. Want to get more clarity on the same with the help of the examples? Read the article below.

Scenario 1:

Suppose, Akash Verma, a 30-year-old, Sales Manager by profession is looking for a home loan of ₹30 Lakh. After sending the request in many banks, he finally got a call from HDFC Bank home loan. The lender agreed to lend the money at an interest rate of 8.35% per annum for a tenure of 30 years. So, let’s just see what would be the EMIs and Interest Outgo in this case after using a home loan EMI Calculator.

EMI:₹ 22,749

Interest Outgo:₹ 51,89,729

Total Amount Payable: ₹ 81,89,729

Scenario 2:

Suppose, Ankita Aggarwal, a 30-year-old, Interior Designer by profession is looking for an HL of ₹30 Lakh. In order to get the required amount, she has sent her loan application in many banks. However, after checking her home loan eligibility, HDFC has agreed to lend her the money at an interest rate of 8.95% per annum for a tenure of 30 years. Let’s check out what would be her EMIs and Interest Outgo come out here with the help of using the HDFC home loan EMI Calculator.

EMI:₹ 24,031

Interest Outgo:₹ 56,51,098

Total Amount Payable: ₹ 86,51,098

So, as you can clearly see above, if we compare both the scenarios, the EMI and Interest Outgo comes out to be higher in scenario 2, where HDFC home loan interest rates online are higher. Well, more monthly installments and Interest Outgo, mean more burden will be on your shoulders to repay the loan.Thus, in order to avoid such a situation, it is always advisable that you compare the home loan interest rates online first before signing the loan agreement.

Hope this article was worth reading for you!


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