Get ready for the IAS Mains: Follow the perfect preparation strategy


After coming out the IAS Prelims, students hardly find the time to celebrate the success as the biggest challenge is waiting for them eagerly. IAS Mains, which falls near about 5 months after the Prelims, is the second and one of the biggest challenges in front of the students. It is the stage that takes the students nearer to their dream job.

Compared to the final stage of UPSC exam, i.e. the interview, which is unpredictable; Mains exam is still predictable as students are aware of the syllabus and exam pattern. Despite of being aware of the facts and figures, many aspirants find themselves in a dilemma on how to start preparing for the IAS Mains.

Preparation for the UPSC Mains requires a distinctive approach of learning on the student’s part. Students have to come up with little extra efforts to elevate the sleek line between the success and failure.

Keep an eye on the UPSC Mains examination pattern

You must have noticed that the UPSC Mains examination had undergone through several structural changes. Following the new syllabus of UPSC, the question paper has become dynamic and innovative. To clear the IAS Mains, aspirants have to apply an integrated approach to learning along with a balanced view during the preparation tenure.

Two important checkpoints before beginning the preparation

Before you start off with the UPSC Mains preparation, keep these two checkpoints in your mind.

  • Compared to IAS Prelims, the Mains exam is a subjective type of paper. This exam will cross check your intellectual traits as well as depth of understanding. Wherein, Prelims is known for analyzing your knowledge and memory; Mains will access your creativity along with your presentation skills.
  • The IAS Mains exam covers the analytical part. It means you have to analyze the given situation and show off your writing skills, by contrasting between both the sides of the topic.

Preparation tips for IAS Mains examination

Head off towards your career dream by following some useful tips.

Get back on the NCERT books reading. If you have studied NCERT books earlier (during your Prelims), take them out and study them thoroughly. Though, they will not spice up the purpose, but somehow provides the basic knowledge. Once you have finished them, take on the standard books to continue learning.

Don’t avoid the newspaper reading. Since current affairs forms up an important part in all the 3 stages of IAS preparation, thus, you can’t afford to avoid the newspaper reading in the Mains also. Make a habit of reading newspaper daily and keep a good hold on the current affairs.

Study what is relevant. Keep a good source of preparation sources from which you will keep up your study alive. Though the syllabus of Mains is vast, you have to study the relevant part. To make sure that you read the best learning material with the desired information, you can take the advices of experts from the best IAS coaching institute.

Practice more and more for answer writing. Try to practice enough for answer writing as this is the main thing which you have to accomplish. You have to learn to present your knowledge on the given topic, within the limited time period.

Here are a few answer writing tips to help you with.

  • Make the use of legible writing with proper spacing.
  • Try to add-on some variety into your writing in terms of length and format.
  • You can try to use the bullet points.
  • Try to attempt all the questions in the exam. Though you posses a little idea about some of them, go for them.
  • Always use an easy language to convey your ideas.
  • You can use diagrams and flowcharts, wherever necessary.
  • Add-on the creativity in your writing. Don’t be a stereotype. Use paragraphs and bullet points both to explain the answer.

Discussions and debates are perfect. To enhance your knowledge about various topics, it’s always better to indulge yourself in discussions and debates. This will help you in testing your knowledge about the topic along with improving your outlook also.

Don’t forget these general tips.

Aside from the above mentioned tips to prepare well for IAS Mains, here are a few general tips which are must for you to follow.

  • Always be confident.
  • Be in touch with your friends to cool your mind.
  • Be in touch with the persons who offers positive energy or motivates you.
  • Try to retain the things, you have studied so far.

While preparing for IAS Mains exam, always remember that an early start will take you towards your dream career. Follow the tips carefully. When needed, don’t forget to take the advices of your mentors. Ask the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi and follow up your dream career.

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