Get a Sneak Peek on the Different Types of Venue Suitable for Your Event

One of the foremost concern of planning any event lies in choosing the perfect location or venue. A venue plays a major role in the success of any event.  Whether this is your banquet hall for birthday party or a corporate workshop, venues that are selected should be easily accessible and located. The venue that you have shortlisted should also be checked for their space, accommodations and other associated facilities. Ultimately, the choice of venue is the key ingredient in making your event a success. Moreover, the closer you are to the venue’s location, you should be considering the convenience of your attendees as well.

Before choosing a particular venue take care of the following things:

  • Keep your budget in mind before zeroing over any particular location. You need to segregate the budget provided by the banquet hall manager to get notified of the cost required for each and every aspect.
  • Fix the timing of the day when you are going to organize your event. It might happen that the time for which you require the venue is pre-booked. This would create a chaos at the last minute.
  • Make sure that the venue provides the facilities of parking, convenience through public transport, easy accessibility, restrooms and even accommodation (if required). Make sure that the venue you have chosen has enough space to cater the needs of your guests.
  • Lay down the arrangement of your seats and tables as per the occasion. It would not do well to have a banquet style seating when you are holding a workshop!

Let’s have a look at some of the choice of venues that you can consider for your event.

  1. Hotels: The much obvious choice of venue for any event are the hotels. With a pleasant backdrop and a large space, these also include catering and accommodation facilities in them. By choosing a hotel to host your occasion, we do not require to look for different vendors like photographers, caterers etc. as the event management team within the hotel can easily manage all these. With their expertise and knowledge, hotels can even customize your requirement with the latest trends.
  2. Conference Centres: These are mostly used for organizing corporate events or some formal or professional meetings from medium to large group of participants. These venues have advantage of on-site technology and comprises of all the equipment necessary for such an event like sound systems, projectors, screens, microphones etc. Even many conference halls are a part of hotel. Using a conference centre is best to organize graduation party, farewells, business meet and greet, annual gala nights etc. where the audience have to face a single focal point.
  3. Restaurants: When this is just a matter of dining, then restaurants are the best option over others. With their fantastic menus and ample sitting arrangement, you can host your event easily within its location. When great food is at the top priority, then selecting the one with a superb reputation would be the best course of action. Birthdays, bachelorette, anniversary or a victory party could very well be arranged at a restaurant.
  4. Meeting Rooms: As the name suggests, a meeting room is basically used for some business purpose. Even the term, meeting rooms holds a strong significance. These are the appropriate venues to discuss business prospects, hold interviews, have some presentation etc. These will also include on-site technical installations like wireless internet, projectors, screens all that are required for a meeting. Moreover having a proper seating capacity per square foot plan would be beneficial when number of seats are a matter of concern.
  5. Rooftop venues: With the towering building and a skyline architecture, rooftop venues make a great option to host occasions for a birthday or a simple pre-wedding ceremony. Rooftop venues provide a perfect backdrop for a nice sunny day in winter season.
  6. Gardens: Often used for weddings, birthdays, or corporate parties, gardens are a favoured venue for most of the events. With their whimsical and gorgeous backgrounds, gardens provide a pleasant environment in all. Though with everything amiable, gardens have a weather drawback. Thus, you need to look over the weather forecast before arranging an outdoor party in your gardens. Garden -based party provide a peaceful atmosphere that could not be found within a restaurant. Just arrange for an event planner who can help you out with the food and decoration.
  7. Museums: Art Galleries or museums are also a venue option for those who are looking forward to have an expensive and grand venue. With a huge amount of space, museums provide the perfect solution to your event hosting.
  8. Clubs or Bars: Looking for some gala time under glitz and glamour? Then clubs and parties are the best location to have your event. When you are in a city, there are thousands of bars or clubs to choose from. Having your New Year or Christmas are the best occasions to be organised at clubs or bars.
  9. Farmhouses: With rustic locations, farmhouses provides a cosy and cottage style space for your wedding, anniversary or any other party. Farmhouses are in trend right now and with such a beautiful location and peaceful scenario, farmhouses offer the best outlet to organize your event peacefully on a weekend or extended holiday.
  10. Backyard: When you have a nice backyard garden to host parties then why are you looking around for other options? This option goes best when you are looking for birthday or wedding ideas on a budget. For any festive events, New Year party, pre-wedding ceremonies or a simple baby shower you can be hold them at such locations. These locations add a special and personalised touch to the events and is a great cost-saver when you are looking for some budget venues.

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