Hearing of hair transplant too frequently now? Want to what is it all about and how much would it cost you?You’re at the right place;the following information is going to interest you.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is rather a surgery than a treatment. It is a technique which removes/ transfers hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site that has a good number of hair and hair follicles) to a different part of the body that is bald (the recipient site or the balding part of the body).Nowadays, hair transplanting is extensively usedas a treatment for the male pattern baldness. The treatment requires a thorough examination of the grafts that are being transplanted because only grafts with hair follicles that are resistant to balding, for example in the male pattern balding treatment, generally grafts from the back of the head are used, because they are less prone to balding, to be transplanted to the bald part of the head. A lot of care has to be taken before deciding as to which part of the body is ready to be the donor site. There are a lot of things that need to be appropriate and in harmony with several things, including the hair growth pattern. Besides treating male pattern baldness or the bald head, hair transplant is used for a variety of body parts today, including eyelashes,eyebrows, beard hair, pubic hair, chest hair etc. Besides, hair transplant is alsoused to fill and hide the scars caused by accidents, surgeries or any other.

Hair transplantation cost in Ludhiana

Hair transplant in Ludhiana price varies on the part of the body andthe clinic you choose.Generally, the hair transplanting costs INR 80/ graft. Which is quite economical for most of the people. If done properly, hair transplant can last for years. Getting a hair transplant in Ludhiana price starts from a rough estimate of INR 55,000. The exact cost can not be ascertained without examining the patient because the hair transplant in Ludhiana price depends largely upon the number of grafts required to be transplanted. Therefore it costs less for parts such as face and more for parts such as the head.In most centres, the cost includes not only the actual surgery of transplant but also all the requirements for the benefit of the customer and to make the treatment last. However, in the majority of the cases, the period for which the impact of the treatment would last, that is the life of the transplanted hair depends upon the life of the donor site.

In terms of the cost of hair transplanting, India is one of the most affordable countries. The cost of transplanting hair in the United States or Europe is almost three times what it costs in India. However, you need to be very careful while choosing the right place for your treatment and indeed, Ludhiana is a good place for good quality treatment, and also hair transplant in Ludhiana price is very reasonable.

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