Some Great Employee Retention Strategies for Your Organization

As the term recommends employee retention is the craft of knowing how to make sure your employees sustain in the organization for a long haul. At the point when an efficient employee chooses to move over his long-held position in an organization, it is the HR proficient who bears brunt of the circumstance. It is but their basic responsibility to locate a potential candidate a who can fill in the shoes and perform as per the jobs requirement. The whole procedure of procuring and placing the right candidate at the right job is tedious and brings about high-cost expenditure for the company, which can be kept away by designing better strategies for talent retention and maintain employee relations.

To overcome this concern, the talent managers have been working hard to design strategies. But a before they venture out, there are few basics which should be kept in mind.

1. Make your interview process more inclusive- Talent retention is a process which occurs gradually during talent acquisition. Make sure your interview with the candidate is inclusive and cover the aspects which prove that the potential employee has plans to stay in the organization. A proper filtration program makes it certain that you have chosen the right candidate.

2.  Motivate the talent- It is a proven fact that employees look for validation and motivation for the duties they have performed. They need to feel they have done justice to their role, which in turn gives them the feeling of belonging. These tactics of talent retention are one of the most positive ways to withhold and sustain an employee’s tenure.

3.  Strike the right work-life balance- One needs to consider the fact that employees are after all human and not robots. Everyone working is there to earn a living, and of course for their passion towards work. But you cannot expect them to function like a machine and work 24X7 tirelessly. Employee engagement plans which include their participation, proper work timing, etc., are some of the ways you can maintain employee relation and thus retain them.

4.  Compete but not contend- Obviously, everyone wants to work for the best of the firms for they provide a competitive edge and better job security. But, in the race of becoming the one, don’t let your employees become a contender. There should be a right balance between competition and rivalry.

5.   Communicate- If there is one thing which all the employees would vote for is the best way to talent retention, then it has to be two-way communication. What better way than discussing and asking for their suggestions on certain issues. All the employees want to contribute to the success of the company in some way or the other.


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