Groundbreaking Scientific Advances in Eye Treatment

The medicinal treatments for eyes have seen several ups and downs. The method of treatment has seen a lot of fluctuation and progress from time to time. There are some of the newer methods that are introduced today are far too different from what they used to be a decade ago. From introducing the Phaco training for the surgeons to the eye implants in curing blindness, the medical discoveries have seen enormous upheaval in the genre of vision. Now it’s not just about the LASIK treatments to shed off your spectacles but various other techniques are there that can help you out in this regard. Check out some of those technological advancements that are into play in this ever-progressing medical field.

  1. Corneal Inlay: Due to the advancement of age, a person starts getting problems in his reading. This is basically due to a condition of Presbyopia. For years’ people have been using reading glasses and lenses. But, somehow these have been regarded as bothersome and needs extra care by the wearer. Thus, the invention of Corneal Inlay. This is a small ring like substance that is implanted under the eye’s outer surface that will enable easy reading for them, whether far or near
  2. Diabetes Macular Edema: DME is a challenging condition where diabetic patients develop vision loss and ultimately blindness. Though, the previous treatments reside with laser, the researchers found that due to increase in hormone level, the vision problem occurs. Thus, the experts came up with a solution to give anti-VEGF injections to combat this issue. This type of treatment is more effective and has proven to be less damaging when compared to the conventional procedure of laser. There are till now three effective methods of anti-VEGF treatments that have been found.
  3. Blindness cure: Blindness has finally found a cure. The growth of stem cells on contact lenses seems to do just that. The experiment that was performed over the patients, saw dramatic improvements in vision. This is actually the artificial cornea that was transplanted into the patient’s eye. It was seen that cells and nerve grew over artificial cornea to transform into a fully developed eye.
  4. Wave Scanning: This is a high definition scan that checks out the entire eye structure and looks for any abrasion or irregularity that is creating vision problem. These had somehow become the prerequisites for Lasik Treatment. Several of the eye hospital in Alwar, Delhi, Mumbai use it to have a better preparation before actual surgery.
  5. Advanced Glaucoma Treatment: This is a condition that develops when fluid pressure rises in the eye which, if left untreated results in blindness. In order to remove the fluid building pressure, specialists are using nanodiamonds in contact lenses that will help in doing just that. The contact lenses are actually coated with medication that will release the right amount in regular time.
  6. Epi-Lasik: Within the traditional method of Lasik, the surgeon used to cut a flap of cornea. But in Epi-Lasik treatment, a special tool is used in reshape the surface of the eye. This is useful for those patients who have thin cornea and will get harmed with the traditional Lasik surgery.
  7. Prosthetic Eye: Constructing an artificial eye is a costly affair. It is a complicated as well as time-consuming process. But these days 3D technology is used to develop such eye that reduces the cost to 1/3rd of its original.
  8. Visian ICL: In this process, a permanent contact lens is used in the eye. There is no tissue removal involved. Thus, it works best for people with thin cornea and has only nearsightedness. This has been beneficial for many patients who have reported of having great night vision, UV protection and with no chance of dry eye syndrome.
  9. Smartphone Eye Treatment: Eye care has now converged into a smartphone. The apps Peek and D-EYE have a small lens attached within that is used for testing eyes. This has become easy for the doctors to conduct their eye examination in places that were not easily reachable.

The discoveries are numerous. And the evolution keeps on going with a progressive pace. With experiments taking place every day, the day is not far where we would concur each and every vision malady in a trice.

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