Guide To The Best Destinations For Daytrips From Bangalore

In or around Bangalore, the high-tech city is a delight to stay in. The great ambience, exotic nightlife, party culture gets you on your moves all the while. Bidding adieu to the daily ruffles of depression and pressure of work and office, give yourself a break from these and put on your traveling boots on. Here are some of the best places to pay a visit to, around Bangalore during the day.

Nandi Hills: – The Visual Pleasure

This place was gradually unraveled by the tourists and travelers over the years. Located about 60 kms away from the city of Bangalore, this place is reminiscent of Tipu Sultan’s reign and the most iconic historic attraction is the Tipu’s Drop. This is a high cliff of 600 meters. For utmost safety, this place has been barricaded and offers a mesmerizing view around.

Shiva Sundaram Falls: – The Fall Of Fame

Situated on the river banks of the Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is one hydropower location, but it is widely renowned for its waterfalls. Meaning “Shiva’s Sea”, this beautiful little town surrounded by rocky terrain and rumbling waterfalls, has garnered the name for the best tourist location!

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Bheemeshwari:- The Fishy Affair

Located in the Mandya District of Karnataka, this place is picturesque with a lovely backdrop of lush green pastures and bullock carts, replacing the city look with the surreal form of Nature. Home to the toughest freshwater sports fish known as Mahseer, this attracts the tourists and travelers. The name of the fish is a derivation of the two words, “Mahi” meaning fish and “Sher” meaning lion.

Savandurga:- The High-Trek Terrain

Savandurga is famous for being one of the largest single rock formations in the whole of Asia. The two hills, Billigudda and Karigudda, are the famous ones. It has a temple situated in the foothill and a pond by its side. People go there for trekking, rock climbing or camping. The path is quite easy and wrapped with spellbinding beauty.

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Hogenakkal Tourism: – A Breathtaking Abode

The Kaveri River splits into multiple streams of waterfalls and makes this place a heavenly abode a sight worth beholding. This is often referred to as the Niagara Falls of India. The neighboring regions and village make it an even better place to live in with their enthralling beauty captivating the tourists. 

Antara Gange: The South’s Kashi

This place has gathered fame as one of the best trekking destinations of all times. It has an ancient temple of Kashi Vishwanatha and a hillock. It is located on a small hill, which is surrounded by the trees of Nilgiri and abundant greenery. Monkeys and their babies flank the lovely place, rendering an amazing sight to witness.

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Hassan: A Smiley Location

About 187 kms away from Bangalore, lying in the Maidana and Malnad districts of Karnataka, this place got its name from the deity of the region, goddess Hassanamba. In Kanada Language, it means the “smiling mother”. Due to the presence of great monuments and structures, it is often coined as the temple-architecture capital of Karnataka.

Ramanagara Hills: A Rock Climber’s Delight

Known as one of the earliest rock-climbing zones of the city, this place is a favorite of every adventure enthusiast out there. There are several other hills thronging the place, which too are included in their list of favorites. It’s a great place to visit over the weekends for a day trip.

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Skandagiri:- Hills Of Horror

Surrounded by the Nandi hills this place overlooks a barren and ruined temple on its way, which has imbibed the fear and horror into the minds of the people. However, travelers still want to visit this place and go for trekking. The most thrilling experience is to climb this hill at night when the moon is high up in the sky, instead of mainstream day-treks. Spending the night on a hilltop, staring at the starry sky is an experience of its own.

Mysore: – The Palatial South

Termed as the city of palaces, Mysore is noted for its many royal heritage buildings. The famous Mysore silk sarees, to sandalwood, from yoga to architecture, this place is a flamboyance of emotions. The huge structures and palaces of this city stand as mute witnesses to the evolving eras. Millions of tourists fly down to this place to encounter a surreal experience.

Take a break from the rough schedule and go on a day-trip to these places to create memories of a lifetime!

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