A Guide to Flue and Chimney lining


If your chimney is in smart order with no leaks, i.e. no leaks of smoke into your upstairs rooms or your attic (or your neighbor’s house, inside the case of a semi-detached property), then the answer is no, you’re doing not need to be compelled to line your chimney – neither is there one thing in Building laws that states that youjust ought to. The rule here is no leak, no liner.

In a shop, or many different websites, you are managing sales people who may attempt to persuade you of the need for chimney lining.

We noticed that sales people in retailers attempt to pressure you by mis-selling a chimney lining kit you do not wish.

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We must be compelled to imply that lots of chimneys are already lined with concrete or pumis. If you look inside your chimney you’ll see that the inside of its circular, that indicates its already lined.

What are reasons behind having a chimney liner?

Gas leaks

If there are gaps inside the masonry or problems with the inform, there is a danger that gases, further as deadly monoxide gas, would possibly leak into rooms contiguous the chimney and conjointly the loft.

This is less apparently in properties designed from the mid-1960s forward as these have to be compelled to have a concrete or clay liner already in place inside the chimney.

The second reason for lining your chimney together includes a security part, but relates to the aesthetics of you home too.

Creosote build-up

Wood burns at a lower temperature than the coal that your chimney was presumably meant. The gases discharged once you burn wood are further apparently to sit back Associate in Nursing condense in an open chimney. this may cause build-ups of creosote in your chimney, which could cause ugly stains spreading onto the wall within your rooms. A build-up of creosote together can increase the prospect of a chimney hearth.

It’s worth to inform at that everything we’ve mentioned up to now is extraordinarily verdant a worst-case state of affairs, but they are presumably value filing beneath ‘better safe than sorry’.

Better draw

The third reason for fixing a flue liner is to boost the draw. Typically this happens often the air flow through the flue that encourages your stove to light-weight and to burn. a relatively slim flue encourages a additional sturdy draw that’s likely to mean your stove heats up further quickly and burns further efficiently.

It is together necessary to analysis whether or not or not your no depository financial institution wants that a flue liner is fitted. It’s presumably not positively well worth the risk of losing a pay-out inside the case of a chimney fire if your policy says you would like one.

So, it’s voluntary to line your chimney, but it’s presumably not a risk that we’d be willing to want, and notably not in older properties. If you select you don’t would love a flue relining we’d still recommend:

Getting your chimney sweptback back usually. this might facilitate to avoid a build-up of creosote.

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