Harmful Effects of Drain Blockage to Your Household


Most of us take drain blockage lightly and do not pay attention to its after effects. As a result, it can weaken the plumbing system and can cause serious damage to your household. Clogged drainage systems can have multiple long-term effects if they are not fixed on time.

Here is a list of multiple problems that homeowners and commercial property owners can suffer.

  • Leaks: A blocked drain often creates high pressure which can lead to leaks and cracks on the pipes thus making them weak. This can lead to damp and thus create a significant mould build up in the adjoining areas. If this build up continues to spread, it can cause structural damage to the property.
  • Waste Resurgence: A blocked drainage system means that waste is not removed effectively thus it gets accumulated and does not allow smooth flow of water. This can result in accumulation of waste within your pipes reviving them internally. Foul smells, health risks and unpleasant living are the basic consequences that are caused due to a blocked drain.
  • Structural Damage: The above factors can lead to a major destruction of your property resulting in highly expensive repairs. Also, the safety of occupants and residents is compromised due to the structural damage.
  • Dirty Water: The water that goes down the drain is usually dirty and when this water sits within the blocked rain it gets more adverse. Blocked toilet drains are the most dangerous as they become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria thus causing disease.
  • Bad Odors: A blocked drain also comes with a foul odor and thus can create health issues. While the odor might not be harmful, however when an individual is exposed to bad odors it stresses them, makes them more anxious. It also causes headaches or bad moods, thus making them tired.
  • Irritation: Blocked drains can also worsen the existing health problems. For instance, asthma sufferers frequently have more regular attacks when they are forced to come into close proximity with a blocked drain. Also, individuals who are more sensitive and possess severe allergies can be similarly affected. Contact with waste water around blocked drains can also lead to skin problems.

Diagnosis of a blocked drain:

While a blocked drain is easily detected sometimes it can be difficult as pipes are hidden in the interior of the house.  Here is a list if things one needs to look out for spotting a blocked drain.

  • Lingering Smells: If you notice a foul odor in your house and are unable to detect its source there are chances that your drain might be clogged. This can prove dangerous if not treated immediately. In such case, call a plumber to get it inspected.
  • Limited or No Drainage: If the water does not drain quickly chances are that you might be having a clogged drain. The drain can be blocked by grease and oil or hair residues and thus preventive measures should be taken.
  • Puddles of Water: If you notice a tiny puddle on the floor beside your bath, or sink, it can be a serious problem for your house. It is advisable to get in touch with a professional immediately. As these are indications that could pipes have started to leak or burst.


It is therefore advisable to carry out essential preventive measures and avoid blocking of drainage systems. It is important to take the necessary action immediately after you notice a blocked drain. They can also become serious if they are out of sight and therefore hard to detect.

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