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HDFC Mutual Funds- All Essential Information You Need


There comes a point in our life when we have to earn more in order to fulfil certain wishes, isn’t it?. We have to keep aside certain savings because you never know when an emergency knocks your door. Now this brings us to the question- ‘Do you have a large pool of money that you have saved since a long time’? Why keep the money in the bank and receive a mere six percent interest rate when you can get good returns if you invest. Yes, that’s completely true buddy. Having savings but enjoying no exclusive returns isn’t a thing to rejoice for.

So any guesses how can manage both? Let the guess work begin. The answer is very simple my friend- Mutual funds. They offer you diversification which clearly means your money is pooled and invested in variety of securities. Amongst many such funds, HDFC Mutual funds are the perfect choice when it comes to investing. Investors can expect handsome returns on their investments over a period of time. Let’s go deeper and check the world of the mutual funds offered by HDFC.

Equity funds: These are the kind of funds which have to be invested directly into the stock markets. They are suitable for investors who wish to generate capital appreciation over a long period of time.

HDFC Mutual Fund provides investors with multiple equity funds depending upon their choice and the amount of risk they wish to take. These funds include-

  • HDFC Equity Fund
  • HDFC Top 200 Fund
  • HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Tax Saver Fund (ELSS)
  • HDFC Infrastructure Fund
  • HDFC Capital Builder Fund
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund
  • HDFC Prudence Fund
  • HDFC Core and Satellite Fund
  • HDFC Tax Saver Fund (ELSS)

Debt/Income Funds: In case you want to have an income flowing at regular intervals, then HDFC Debt funds are the best bet for you.  These funds invest the surplus money in debt & money market instruments along with government securities. The level of risk lies between low to moderate. As an investor you will have a wide variety of choices to choose from Debt funds. The options are as follows-

  • HDFC Gilt Fund-Long Term
  • HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Income Fund
  • HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC MF Monthly Income Plan-Long Term Plan
  • HDFC Short Term Plan
  • HDFC High Interest Fund-Dynamic Plan
  • HDFC Banking and PSU Debt Fund
  • HDFC High Interest Fund- Short Term Plan
  • HDFC MF Monthly Income Plan-Short Term Plan
  • HDFC Gilt Fund-Short Term Plan

Liquid Funds: These funds are simply considered safer because they not only offer the investor optimal returns but also ensure good liquidity and thereby maintaining the safety of the investment. Here the investment is done in highly liquid, short term and risk free debt and money market instruments. One has the provision to invest his/her money under four main liquid funds offered by HDFC. They have been given below-

  • HDFC Cash Management Fund- Savings Plan
  • HDFC Cash Management Fund- Call Plan
  • HDFC Liquid Fund Premium Plan
  • HDFC Liquid Fund

Children’s Gift Fund: This fund by HDFC completely fits the bill for investors who wish to have a capital appreciation over a longer term period. You can avail this fund in the form of both investment and savings plan. Any investor who is futuristic and wishes to be equipped in advance to fulfil their children’s growing needs can invest in it. The two types of funds under this category are-

  • HDFC Children’s Gift Fund – Savings Plan
  • HDFC Children’s Gift Fund – Investment Plan

Retirement Savings Fund: In case you want to have surplus pool of money once you retire, then this fund can turn out to be the perfect source of investment for you. Yes, you heard it right my friend. The main objective is to generate a corpus of income which will be provided as pension to the investor once he retires from his/her profession.

Fixed Maturity Plan: If you are the person who is looking for a safe protection for your investments, then this category won’t disappoint you. The reason being that these funds specifically invest in debt/money market instruments and government securities. They are close ended schemes and hence the amount of risk is on the lower side. The customer gets sufficient options here to choose from. Some of the key funds under this category are mentioned below-

  • HDFC FMP 1240D December 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1309D September 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1161D July 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1112D June 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1127D June 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1104D April 2016 (1)
  • HDFC FMP 1127D May 2016 (1)

HDFC Mutual Fund Online: The article would be incomplete if this entire service is not mentioned. HDFC launched HDFC mutual fund online in order to ensure smooth facilitation of the online process of transaction of mutual funds. As a result of this facility you can transact online all day round, any time of the year. There’s some good news for you. You have the provision to purchase, switch, redeem and sell mutual funds as well view all your account details. In addition to this you can also download your account statement. Now here comes the best part. You can register for STPs, SIPs,  FLEXSTP or FLEXINDEX using this facility.

There are certain things you need to have in order to transact. They are-

  • An existing folio
  • An email ID which should be registered in folio
  • HDFC Personal Identification Number (HPIN)

HDFC Customer Care Number: In case you have any doubts relating to mutual funds you can contact the HDFC mutual fund customer care representative. All you have to do is dial a toll free number that is 1800 3010 6767/1800 419 7676. The representatives come with their own experience and can solve all your queries. You can even send a mail to the email address given on the official website.

So now that you have known about HDFC Mutual funds, I believe you will be able to choose judiciously where to invest your money.

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