How health issues can dismiss your visa renewal request?


While a common cold won’t stop you from legally entering a country or when taking a medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi, serious communicable diseases might do! With this, other conditions that may limit you are disorders that maybe a self-threat as well.

Anyone applying to visit or perhaps reside in the UAE whether temporary or long-term must prove to the authorities on a perfect health that poses no risk whatsoever to the locals and the country. All these factors are categorised as health-related grounds for inadmissibility. Read on for more!

Common criterions/grounds for banning entrance in the UAE are;

  • An individual’s suffering from a contagious disease that’s also a threat to national security
  • Lack required vaccinations
  • Had a history of physical and mental disorder that may trigger violent behaviour; harmful to others and oneself
  • History of drug abuse or addiction

Medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi if indicates a health issue related to alcohol or drug is likely to become a reason for barring entrance in the country and so does a criminal offense. There’re also certain waivers for health-related inadmissible grounds except drug or relevant substance abuse.

Discovery of health-related inadmissibility

Health-related issues pertaining to disqualification or entry in a country such as the UAE are explored when immigration officials review answer to the questions in the visa application form. These are then compared with the results of the immigration medical examination, criminal and court records submitted along with the application. Any other document or information provided to the officials during interview and inspection would be weighed against the results.

Expectations during the medical exam

Medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi involves complete review of your medical history, vaccinations, chest X-rays and laboratory results followed by a physical evaluation. The criterions as to whom is responsible to conduct all these tests and medical examinations vary from a country to another however, department of immigration is always involved.

Transmutable diseases

The list of communicable diseases that limit people from entering a country are unfortunately growing every day! This is due to the imminent climate change, dearth of basic necessities for a healthy living and many other diseases that seem to have resurfaced in the 21st century. A number of diseases that may require quarantine or isolating the specimen are cholera, smallpox, yellow fever, plague, tuberculosis, leprosy and pandemic flu. Other anomalies involved those that are genetically transferred such as HIV, Cancroid and Gonorrhoea.

Physical or mental anomalies

Certain physical and mental disorders trigger harmful behaviour often leading to violence. A person suffering from such anomaly may unwillingly damage a property, pose safety threat to public and even cause self-injury. However, it must be noted that there’re certain mental illnesses in which an individual don’t act violent or harm someone and this doesn’t make one inadmissible.

There’re other conditions in which a person may act violent such as overuse of alcohol or extreme substance abuse. In such cases, these individuals may refer to the primary physician and have themselves diagnosed before undergoing medical test for visa renewal in Abu Dhabi.


These are all the basis that may reject visa application as well as renewal request. Do check your country laws.

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