best beauty tips for women

Get Your Body Hydrated And The Result will be reflected on your face!

Get your body hydrated and the result will be reflected on your face! Who doesn’t want a fair and shiny skin! Shiny skinned people can wear anything and they can go anywhere even without make up and still they will look gorgeous! So before wasting money on pricy cosmetic products, it is important for anyone […]

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Combination Therapy unit physiotherapy consists

Ultrasound Therapy in Removing Pain

Modern methods of physiotherapy The emphasis of physical therapy, nowadays, is immense due to the enormous amount of stress and pressure in our day to day life. A very common misconception with physiotherapy is that they are mostly limited to massage techniques and stretching. However different modern methods are in practice nowadays which can give […]

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The Evolution in Rice Processing Technology & Relative Equipment

India holds the reputation for growing the best quality of rice varieties like basmati etc. with a vast number of rice companies in India who handle the manufacturing, processing, cleaning and delivering of rice throughout the world. Since this is the staple diet for more than half of the population in the country, rice milling […]

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Medical Facilitators – The Best Guide for Your Medical Tour

Medical tourism is all about making a trip to different nations to experience any sort of medical procedure including surgery and others. Here the word tourism is different from the ordinary destination tourism. Fundamentally this is a cost effective tourism that is done for the most part by private medicinal practitioners as a team with […]

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offer help to your parent

Top 4 Secrets to Rule Over Your Parent’s Heart- Kid’s Guide

Though kids are the beautiful gift of god and all parents give the best education and best life to their kid still kid don’t look at this effort. Parents always give priority to kid’s need. either it is regarding their attire selection or regarding choosing their best soul mate, the parent always observes the each […]

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Why Tea is Chosen as the Best Refreshing Beverage and What are its Benefits

Chai, the Indian name of Tea is great spice milk that is becoming extremely popular in western countries, as people there are discovering this at various coffee and tea houses. The elements of chai are touted to have energizing advantages, which is regularly arranged by bubbling free leaf tea and including milk, sweetener, and different […]

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Is sleeping on your back dangerous during pregnancy

Is Sleeping on Your Back Dangerous During Pregnancy?

One of the many changes that happen to us when we get pregnant has to do with sleeping postures. Our body is changing and (especially in the second and third trimester) we usually have discomfort when resting. Today Dr. Manjula Anagani – Gynaecologist in Hyderabad tells you, about a question that arises to many women: […]

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blood pressure medication during pregnancy

Problems related to blood that occur during pregnancy

There are some problems that occur during pregnancy because of the blood passing through the placenta. The volume of blood rises during pregnancy resulting in various complications related to both the mother and the baby. Mothers are often asked to take nutritious food because most of the nutrition gets drained to the baby for proper […]

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3 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

We’ve heard people saying that they don’t have any control over their eyesight and its a genetics problem that their eyesight is weak. Well, firstly if you are also among those who blame their genetics and nature for the weakening of their eyesight then you must clear this misconception as soon as possible. You see, […]

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