Spinal Surgery

What You Need To Know About Spinal Surgery

Spondylodesis or spinal fusion is one of the neurological surgical techniques which mainly joins two vertebrae. Various type of spinal surgery is available such as lumber, thoracic and cervical spine surgery for preventing movement between fused vertebrae.  It is a bone grafting process for healing the bones together. This process needs some additional hardware like […]

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The Role of Parenting in Preventing Teenage Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the more common things that youth gets involved in. There are a number of teenage kids who take drugs and may become addicted to them. As parents, it is very important to do everything you can in order to prevent kids from partaking in substance abuse. Fortunately for parents, there […]

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Common Types of Massage Therapy and How Does it Work

Expert control of tendons, muscles, joints and soft tissues of the body with the help of a manual technique is referred to as massage therapy. An expert and trained therapist uses varied kinds of manual techniques which involve triggering the pressure points in the body by rubbing, stretching, kneading moves and stroking particular zones of […]

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Why Different Eye Treatments Are The Only Solution for A Damaged Eye

There are various number of ways through which our eyes gets damaged and therefore there is a need of eye treatment. There are different types of eye treatments available for the eyes such as cataracts treatment, treatment for age-related macular degeneration, treatment for Glaucoma and various others. After testing your eyes your eye doctor will […]

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best beauty tips for women

Get Your Body Hydrated And The Result will be reflected on your face!

Get your body hydrated and the result will be reflected on your face! Who doesn’t want a fair and shiny skin! Shiny skinned people can wear anything and they can go anywhere even without make up and still they will look gorgeous! So before wasting money on pricy cosmetic products, it is important for anyone […]

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Combination Therapy unit physiotherapy consists

Ultrasound Therapy in Removing Pain

Modern methods of physiotherapy The emphasis of physical therapy, nowadays, is immense due to the enormous amount of stress and pressure in our day to day life. A very common misconception with physiotherapy is that they are mostly limited to massage techniques and stretching. However different modern methods are in practice nowadays which can give […]

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The Evolution in Rice Processing Technology & Relative Equipment

India holds the reputation for growing the best quality of rice varieties like basmati etc. with a vast number of rice companies in India who handle the manufacturing, processing, cleaning and delivering of rice throughout the world. Since this is the staple diet for more than half of the population in the country, rice milling […]

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