Summer season is all about holidays, rich comfort foods, refreshing beverages, and cold salads that contain surprisingly high amounts of fat and calories. Summer weight gain is pretty common. There are several reasons why summers promote gaining weight including intake of oily food, sweet drinks or even having supplements that may have promoted weight gain. To emphasis the important factors out of these and many more, here is a list of eight of these major reasons with their possible solutions for you to work on these summers to stop yourself from gaining weight:

1.The fresh in fruit salad was missed

Fruits in the salad are a good choice but not when your salad is filled with canned fruit soaked in syrup, loaded with whipped cream, and garnished with mini marshmallows. This being an incredibly heavy, high-calorie treat and is bound to devastate your weight control and your health. People even indulge in fruity supplements with salads to compensate for the fruit taste that has fruity flavors like raspberry or orange ones which instead of working as weight loss supplements, work as weight gain supplements.. To avoid this, cut calories by using fresh fruit rather than canned, lightly whipped cream or substitute it with plain yogurt which will provide added protein. You can also replace the marshmallows with banana or melon slices to add more sweetness.

2.You were too much on the sweet tea and lemonade

At times when thirst arises and water does not seem appealing, a cold glass of lemonade or sweetened iced tea sounds like the perfect solution to us. But, in this process, we forget that they contain a good amount of sugar in them which is a source of high calories. So, to handle this, when you feel like drinking something sweet, dilute 100% fruit juice with equal parts water.

3.Your love for barbeque burgers

Burgers topped with cheese contain saturated fats along with high levels of sodium and calories. So, hold the cheese and top your burger with toppings like a fresh tomato slice, and substitute the processed bun with a piece of corn for starch. Further, as barbeque sauces are packed with sugar, it is recommended to make your one like blueberry balsamic barbeque sauce and then mix the sauce altogether to add flavor without any additional calories.

4.You forgot that calories count at carnivals

Fairs and festivals are all about different foods like hot dogs and funnel cakes, out of which the former is high in saturated fat, calories, preservatives, and loaded with sodium. To fulfil your desire for a savory meal, go for chicken in forms like chicken kebabs or chicken on sticks, or maybe you can go for turkey gyro. Ditch fried and sugar topped funnel cakes with kettle corn as snacks are a good option to settle your sweet tooth.

5.You did not limited intake of fruity alcoholic adult beverages

Umbrella drinks like pina colada or long island iced tea contain a good range of calories in them. When we drink alcohol, we eat less and drink more due to which the number of calories shoots up faster and this goes on increasing with each drink we take. So, lower-calorie alternatives like mixing clear liquor with a calorie-free beverage is a wise solution.

6.You were fooled by frozen yogurt

People consume frozen yogurt as a healthy food by thinking that yogurt is yogurt. But, in reality, frozen yogurt has typically tons of added sugar and contains even more calories than ice cream. Though it contains some protein, the probiotic benefit from natural yogurt is missing. Treat it the same as ice cream and if you want to indulge, then just have a small scoop of it.

7.You were too hard with toppings

Want to end your day with a dish of ice cream? Don’t! Ice creams can put your calorie intake far over the top, especially if you choose a variety with added mix-ins. A mud pie ice cream for instance can be swapped with raspberry sorbet. Don’t forget to get a cone, the lowest calorie option as moderation is the key!

8.Chips with dips were your favorite combination

Uncounted chips when dipped in a creamy dip like French onion, quickly add up calories and saturated fat into your body with really no beneficial nutrients. Instead, stick with crudité and hummus or a yogurt-based dip.

Do not forget to do a proper workout like yoga, aerobics, and meditation that speed up the above processes. Also, remember to follow two simple guidelines to stay in shape or even lose weight during the hot season:

a.There is always a healthy option for the type of food you want
b.It is not only what you choose to eat but how you prepare it, makes a big difference.

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