For many people, after losing weight on a diet for days, they suddenly reach a weight lost plateau, where they continue to do the same as before when they were losing weight, but for some reason, they stop losing the pounds. This can be extremely disheartening, especially when you have a lot more weight still to lose, but that is the way weight loss happens for many.

They lose weight, the weight lost stops, then they start to lose again, then the weight lost stops again. It is a series of weight losses, followed by plate aux, as the body gets used to the new regime, and the new food restrictions.

When this weight loss does plateau, you may need to do one of two things. Either you could reduce the amount of food you are eating each day, or increase your activity level by exercising more. Of course you could do both, eat less and work out more, but you do need to make sure that you do not stress your body too much.

Remember that the way to lose weight continually is to make sure you are always eating fewer calories than your body actually needs in a day, so that it needs to use some of the fat stored in your body to provide you with the energy you need.

The calories you cut out or reduce in your diet could come from not having alcoholic drinks, or pop drinks, or sugary desserts. In fact most of us eat way too much sugar in our diet, and it is not surprising that the number of cases of diabetes is increasing rapidly, as is the amount of sugar we eat each week.

Did you now that in the US, according to healingdaily, the average amount of sugar eaten each week is between 2 and 3 pounds, excluding sugar found naturally in fruit? Think of the huge reduction in calories well achieve if we can eliminate sugar from our diets. It can make a huge difference to our weight and our health.

If your weight loss does plateau, check whether you are eating more calories than you thought. Perhaps your portion sizes have increased a little, so try to reduce them again. Are you exercising as intensely as you could, or have you slacked off over time? See if you can increase the intensity of your exercises, assuming that you have seen your doctor and he or she has given you the ok for exercising.

For many people, eating varying amounts each day seems to stop them reaching a plateau. Their bodies do not know what amounts of food to expect each day since every day is different, so their metabolism is unable to settle at a steady rate, and that plateau is never reached.

Of course by varying the amounts you eat, you may end up eating more than should more often, but you could vary this by eating a different number of times a day, may be eat six times a day, smaller meals of course, rather than 3 times, just something different to throw your metabolism off balance.

Last, I would like to say that it is vitally important to talk with your doctor about your plans before starting any of diets to lose weight,. You should also have a pre-diet physical that will help discover any health issues that may be the cause of the weight gain. Once you have an understanding about your body, you and your doctor can develop a plan for weight loss. Discuss the naturally slim programs here and see if any of those is the right one for you to begin your journey to healthy, successful weight loss.

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