Everyone has his own idea for the fastest way to lose weight, but not all strategies work, and not all are even doable for every person. However, there are some basic concepts that are true across the board for losing weight while providing your body with what it needs to stay healthy.

In this article, I will cover some of the best and quickest healthy ways to lose weight.But, neither of those things is really required to lose weight successfully.

Simple little things will add up and provide excellent results. Here are some tips on how to lose weight that you can start today, and you don’t have to sacrifice anything!

1 . Rather than the traditional 3 meals a day, eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day.

2. Never starve yourself. It shuts down your metabolism, makes you feel woozy, tired, and makes you hungrier. It also can affect your teeth, causing them to be sticky and full of plaque.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, particularly if you feel like snacking or for dessert.

4. Aim to eat ‘good carbs’ (which have a low glycemic index) such as brown rice, oats, wholewheat bread and wholewheat pasta. Try not to have carbs after 5pm as any unused carbs may well be stored as fat overnight, negating your mornings exercise.

5. Don‘t forget to exercising! When trying to lose weight, some people can get so wrapped up in cutting calories and portion sizes that they forget about the importance of exercise. If it’s hard to start an exercise routine, use Monday as the day to recommit. Take part in a Monday Mile, enroll in a fitness class, or make a schedule to exercise for the week. Healthy Monday is a national non-profit public health campaign that encourages people to use Monday as the day for all things healthy.

6. Consider using “High Intensity Interval Training”

7. Maintain a steady intake of protein – aim for a minimum of ‘your body weight in pounds’ (in grams) of protein – if you would like to build a bit of muscle, double that, and begin some weight training – this will supercharge your metabolism and greatly increase your body’s fat-burning ability.

8. Alternatively, go on the bike immediately after waking up, as you have had no food in your system all night, and therefore the first place your body will get energy from is the fat stores (not the muscles because you are using them) – bear in mind that after the bike, wait about 20 minutes and eat a good breakfast so your body knows you are not starving (this actually hinder your weight loss efforts).

9. Wake up at a normal hour like 7:00, or 8:00 or 9:00 if you are pushing it. Go to bed before midnight–your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly.

10. Eat breakfast each morning. Eating something in the morning gets your metabolism going and prevents you from binge eating later in the day.

11.Drink plenty of water, and cut down on carbonated beverages, particularly those with a lot of sugar. Try to not drink any soda.

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