Lungs consist of air sacs that release the oxygen in your blood. If these air sacs are filled with fluid, then it gets impossible to perform the necessary function of the respiratory system.

The failure of the respiratory system can neither provide oxygen to the blood nor remove the carbon-di-oxide from the blood.

The failure of the respiratory system can either be acute, or it can be chronic. The severe failure symptoms start to reflect on the different parts of your body. Your organs cannot perform the necessary functions due to lack of oxygen.

The condition calls for immediate treatment of failure of the lungs. The only possible cure for lung failure is a lung transplant.

Since the past decade, patients are travelling to India from different parts of the world to avail the treatment. It is because Lung Damage Treatment in India is Successful.

How Long Does a Patient Need to Wait, If They Want to Undergo a Lung Transplant Surgery in India?

The waiting time for the patient to receive the lung transplant may vary depending on the length of the queue already in line for a lung transplant.

With the passing time, the lifestyle is degrading. Smoking is a significant part of the life of many, leading to lung failures in the maximum number of people.

As the surgeons in India, provide cost-effective treatment, the number of candidates for lung transplantation is increasing. These candidates are not only Indians but belong to different parts of the world.

The healthy lung for the patient suffering from lung failure is retrieved from a brain dead donor. So, the number of donors cannot match the required number of lungs every year. Thus, there is a waiting list to avail the lung transplant.

There is no fixed time that every patient has to wait to avail the lung transplantation. Some may be able to receive it in a month after registration of their requirement, while for others it may take even more time.

The waiting period to get the Best Lung Transplant in India also depends on the choice of the hospital of the patient. Every hospital as a different waiting list, so in case of emergency, you can approach the medical tourism companies of the country who will contact all the top hospitals of India, and help you in getting the appointment from the surgeon in a hospital having the minimum waiting list.

However, the top hospitals even have separate emergency care unit where the patients with a critical health condition are taken care of at the priority.

Final Words:

The failure of the lung is not the actual cause of death, but not being able to receive the effective treatment on the right time, is the real reason for the increased number of deaths.

So, in case you or anyone in your family is recommended for lung transplant, then plan your medical tourism to India at the earliest.

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