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Here is All You Need to Know About Fostering

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You might have thought about fostering in the past but if you never got a chance to get into the details, now is the time. Fostering is a huge decision. It could be life changing for many and involves a lot of responsibility. Fostering is providing a child with a family when they cannot live with their own parents. It is a form of temporary care provided to the child while the parents are away.

The parents could be sorting their own problems or dealing with certain issues. Fostering helps children manage through difficult times in their lives. After the problem has been resolved, the child will return home. It is a temporary arrangement made for the better future of the child. Some children maybe in the foster care for a longer duration while many might be adopted and others could move on to live independently. The basic purpose of fostering is to provide care to the child for a short period of time.

Types of fostering

There are different types of fostering you need to know about.

  • Emergency: The first and basic type of fostering is emergency, this is provided when a child requires a safe place only for a couple of nights.
  • Short term: Another type of fostering is for short term where a child will be looked after for a couple of weeks or months.
  • Short breaks: This happens when children with special needs need a short stay on a regular basis with a new family. This period is when their parents or their foster parents take a break.
  • Permanent: Children who do not want to be adopted chose a long term foster carer until they are adults. After that they live independently. Older children choose the long term carer and have regular contact with their relatives.
  • Kinship fostering: This is a type of fostering where the child will be looked after by a local authority or by people they already know. This could be any member from the family like uncle, aunt or grand parents.
  • Private fostering: Private fostering means the parents will make an arrangement for the child to stay with someone who is not a close relative. The child will stay with that person for more than 27 days. Although it is a private arrangement, the rules will have to be followed. The local authority will be looking into the arrangement of the child and will also visit to check on the welfare of the child.

How can you provide foster care?

If you are are keen on fostering, you need to be registered with the local authority or a fostering provider for the same. You will receive certain fees on being self employed and most of the money will be spent on the care of the foster child. This is not something that will help you earn money. If you want to make money out of this, you need to look for something else. You will be able to change the life of a child with fostering but it will not help you earn money. You can learn more about the same on You cannot straightaway start providing foster care to children. You will have to make an application and if you are found suitable, you will have to go through the preparation and an assessment to ensure that you are the right person for the job.

You need to remain committed to the task you are taking up. It is not a one time thing, you might have to look after a child for a few weeks or even months. Do not think of it as a money making business, rather, consider it as raising a child and providing them with love and care. Not everyone is suitable for this job. You might be required to prepare for the same before you are approved by the authority. Fostering involves a lot of responsibility and commitment in terms of looking after a young individual. You need to provide the right environment and love for the child who moves in with you. You not only need to make space inside your home but you also need to make space inside your heart. Individuals who have an experience of fostering can manage the same with ease. The authorities will also register your name easily if you have an experience of the same in the past.


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