How Hiring a Party Planner can make Your Party Move With Ease

Organizing a party is not an easy task especially if you are assigned to do many things and happen to be the only one doing it. In earlier days party consisted of food, music and cake-people just went home at before midnight too. So basically there was very less preparation involved in organizing a party. But with the changing time organizing a party also has involved lot many things, even a gathering of 5 will require an entire afternoon of cooking and an hour of music playlist selection. For bigger events, suppliers, sponsors and caterers need to be called and prepped for the occasion, which is why for any party planner; a list of things must always be available by their side.


Important Roles of a Party Planner

  • Basically an event planner at first meets the client who wishes to organize a party. This is when the client or representative tells about his/her needs to an event planner. Once they understand the client’s needs they discuss with them the details related to the party like preferred dates, location, number of goods and various other things. Later, an event planner visits the spot and understands the planning phase, to be prepared on the day of the event. Client also tells the additional things he/she needs to do during this process to the party organizers and discusses the budgetary things.
  • Providing Catering services is the another important role of a event planning companies these organizations have the expertise in providing food and drink services in you special functions, events and businesses. While arranging an event, whether it is big or small, the selection of the menu is always a top priority and so is the selection of a catering company. With popularity of such service providers in many cities of India, one can contact a catering in Gurgaon for organizing a large event like marriage, corporate event, birthday party etc. Choosing a perfect event and party catering service in these cities could be quite tricky task, as there are many eligible players in the catering market.
  • When it comes to selecting of the venue event planners take the task of selecting the venue and do all arrangements additionally. It is the responsibility of a party planner to find the right venue and reserve it for the client. Choosing a best geographic location, space and functionality according to the number of guests is the common consideration. If the client wants to organize a meeting event, hotels, and convention halls would be a standard location.
  • Arranging of transport is another important function of an event planner, they manage transportation to and from the event and during the event for some guests who come from out of the town. Many of the times when an event includes people flying in from other areas, event planners also coordinate with a travel agent to set up flights, bus services and various other ground transports. Planners may also arrange transport for guests during these events.
  • Coordinating their staff members on the day of the event is also another common party planner role. Event planners coordinate their staff members on the day of the event and make sure that planning and arrangements go smoothly. They coordinate their schedules of catering, floral and wait staff and look upon the missing staff and items or problems and guide guests.

Tips on Finding a Best Party Planner

Finding an exceptional party planner these days could be a difficult task as there are sheer number of party planners and catering service providers, and this may be even more complicated for certain people who may be hiring such planners first time. To help such new party hosts to find an event planner and good food provider for their guests, listed below are  some tips on finding the best event planner and catering service providers.

You should consider your needs: This is the most important step for any event organizer when finding a party planner as knowing exactly what you need will help make the search much smoother and faster later on. Some of the most important things to consider are the date, time and venue of the event, the number of people that will attend, and finally your budget.

Organization skills and time management skills:  Managing time is the most important task today, thus parties have to be organized within a very short time period. An excellent planner will do miracles, even if the deadline is just around the corner. A party planner who has good organization skills and good time management skills will help manage all aspects of the party within the specified time period. Good planners can handle both tight deadlines and longer time periods.

Communication skills: The party planner should be capable of understanding you and communicating your ideas with everyone associated to the preparation process. Communication skills are as important as the organization skills. A party planner with poor communication staff could misunderstand. Good party planners ask the right questions and clarify all issues before getting started.

Flexibility: One aspect of parties that you should be aware of is that things rarely happen according to the plan. Confusions and misunderstandings can mix up plans and interfere with the preparation process. Party planners need to be flexible in order to do a good job. They should have alternative solutions and ideas for any type of crisis that could occur shortly before your dream party.




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