Deep cleaning your house doesn’t need to be something you dread and keep procrastinating. And it does not have to guzzle up an entire vacation either. By planning well and keeping your patience while you clean the tough areas, you can give your home a thorough deep-cleaning that you’re be proud of later.

With the holiday season around the corner, now is the right time to start planning your home’s yearly deep cleaning. In this article we share with you 10 tried-and-tested tips that will make your home cleaning project a stress-free experience and will help you make the most of your time, budget and resources.

Don’t rush into it

Plan your home’s deep cleaning in advance to avoid last-minute rush. Whether you‘re going to do it yourself or hiring a professional cleaning service, it’s best to decide well in advance when you want to get the cleaning done and which areas you want tackle first, arrange a playdate for the kids so that they’re not home on the day of the cleaning, and make sure the elderly have a comfortable space to rest while the cleaning goes on.

At the same time, if you’ve been too occupied in the run-up to the holiday season, make the most of a day off and get as much done as you can. Hiring a professional cleaning company comes in handy at such a time, especially if they’re willing and able to serve you at short notice.

Focus on one task at a time

If you like to do it all be yourself, do ask family members to pitch in and help you out. Assign some of the easier tasks to children—it will make them feel involved and also show them how much work goes into keeping a house looking spic and span.

As it’s nearly impossible to deep clean an entire home in one day, you want to focus on one area or one type of task at a time. For instance, you can choose to devote an entire day to organizing and cleaning the cupboards throughout the house, discarding useless stuff as you go from room to room. The next time, you can devote two to three hours to clean bathroom tiles, clean fans or windows, and so on.

Indeed, why take more than you can handle and exhaust yourself to the point where you don’t feel like taking on the next task. So pick and choose your battles based on the time you have at hand on a given day.

Decluttering before deep cleaning

Over the course of a year, we keep stuffing things into our closets and cupboards, only to have a pile of junk staring back at us and giving us a headache. Documents, old bills, magazines, clothing, toys, broken utensils, expired cosmetics—the list is endless.

When it’s time to clean your house, start with decluttering first. The greatest advantage of reducing stuff in your house before you begin to clean it is that it makes cleaning a lot easier and much less stressful. You save both time and energy when you have fewer things to manage at the time of cleaning.

Bonus tip: Do not take out giveaway items only to place them in a box and stash them in a dark corner of the attic or garage. Make sure to donate or trash everything that you don’t need that very week, if not the same day.

Don’t wait for the holiday season to clean your house

To be free of disease-causing microorganisms and pests, a home needs to be deep-cleaned at least twice a year if not more. Moreover, it should be a family habit to declutter every few weeks or so, which will ensure that you don’t have tons of useless stuff to tackle at the end of the year. Also keep an eye out for leakage and infestations by inspecting less-frequented areas such as the roof, the attic and the basement from time to time.

It is also equally important to inculcate in your family the habit of buying only what is needed and parting with things they have outgrown. Cleaning a clutter-free home is much easier and it also brings a sense of calm and harmony in the household. So, begin the next year with a resolution to buy less and clean more often.

Clean what you feel like cleaning, when you feel like it

This tip may sound like it’s contradicting our earlier advice on staying focussed and completing one task before moving to the next. However, this advice is meant to break the monotony and seriousness associated with the arduous task of home cleaning.

Rather than making it into a big project that makes you and everyone else anxious and edgy, treat your home cleaning like a fun activity that you must complete to protect yourself and your loved ones from physical and mental distress.

A clean home is a haven of positive energy, and when you take it upon yourself to make your home sparkle, don’t be too harsh on yourself and others, and do it at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Avoid losing your cool when you can’t complete what you started on a given day—rather, sit back and enjoy the distraction.

Hire a professional cleaning service

While it’s a great feeling to clean your own home, outsourcing the tough bits to professionals has its own advantages. Cleaning the roof, large windows, the pick-up truck, the pool, the sewage system, etc. requires expertise and special equipment.

If, for instance, the roof of your home is infested with mold, algae or mildew, regular washing will not help solve the problem. In such scenarios, consider hiring a reliable home washing outfit, such as house washing by SoftWasherz, a leading power washing company that has been serving residential and commercial clients in Mobile, AL, for years.

A certified and award-winning cleaning business, SoftWasherz offers a wide range of cleaning services, from soft washing, pressure washing, window cleaning, sewer cleaning, rust removal and building exterior cleaning.

Start at the top

This will make your life a lot easier when you’re cleaning the entire house. Clean the upper floors first, if you can. This way, when you bring down stuff, you won’t feel like you’re messing up the ground floor after having spent days cleaning and organizing the area.

In the same vein, clean the walls, windows and doors and then clean the cabinets, sink and commodes. Leave the flooring to the last to avoid getting frustrated during the process.

Use the right cleaning tools

The right brush and cleaning product can work wonders in clearing your bathroom floor of stubborn grime. Similarly, a mold-infected roof or wall is best cleaned by experts who’ll use the right disinfectant chemicals to scrub the area without damaging it.

Vacuum where you can, but don’t be wary of using a broom or a mob if that’s what will work for a particular space. Invest in some quality cleaning supplies such as a large sponge, a floor cleaning brush, a toilet cleaning brush, a duster and anything else you’ll need to clean different areas of the house.

Using appropriate cleaning supplies will save you time and effort and also save you the exasperation that comes from using the wrong cleaning product and wondering why it’s not working.

Don’t ignore nooks and corners

Cobwebs and dust have a knack for accumulating in the most unexpected spaces. Before you begin cleaning, give your house a thorough inspection and spend time checking each and every nook and corner for dampness, seepage, dust, grime and other harmful build-up.

Take photos if you feel you’ll forget some of those issues after a while. It will help you do a thorough job and save you the irritation of discovering missed spaces later. If outsourcing to a cleaning company, share your findings with them and make sure none of those hard-to-reach spaces are ignored.

Some obvious things people tend to miss during DIY deep cleaning are cleaning the shower curtains, shower heads, window frames, mattresses and pillows, and electronic wires. All of these accumulate dust and grime, even if they don’t look that dirty. Make a list beforehand to make sure everything is cleaned while you’re at it.

Pay special attention to the kitchen

The space where you store and cook food should be especially free of microorganisms and pests. Bacteria feed on grime, which is not difficult to clean if you have the right product—and some patience.

When cleaning the kitchen, start at the top. Clean the chimney and then the countertops. Then clean the cabinets from the inside and then the outside. Deep-clean all the appliances and the space around them. Empty the refrigerator and wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Clean the dishwasher and the stove with a mild cleaner and do the same with other appliances.

Finish off by tossing expired items into the bin and resolving to cut down your weekly grocery shopping to essentials.


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