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Many people who buy an AC in India are sometimes not satisfied with its cooling performance. Yes, despite investing a significant amount on an air conditioner, they are unable to get what is expected from it – an effective cooling.

However, when it comes to extracting the optimum performance even from an averagely priced AC, there are some factors that matter.

The smooth functioning of any product including the AC depends on its maintenance. Thus, if you plan to buy a AC, then you need to take care of it. Doing the same will also help you to increase the life of your AC to enjoy a superior performance for a long time.

In the same context, this post will guide you through some tips that will let you enjoy efficient cooling from your ACs. Learn on as you read more!

 Here’s how you can get effective cooling from your ACs

  • Size of the ACs

The first thing that you should look at is if the size of the AC that you have is matching the space required for cooling or not. If you install a bigger unit, the room will get over cooled, and your electricity bill goes up. On the other hand, installing a smaller unit will lead to power costs as you will need to use the AC for a long time to cool the room. You can use a tonnage calculator that will let you know the required AC size. It is based on factors like length, height and width of the room, the number of people in it and more. This way, you would be able to get an effective performance from your split AC without increasing light bills.

  • AC installation

The AC’s outdoor units may be subjected to direct sunlight as they are exposed to high-intensity heat; finally becoming ineffective within a short duration of time. Hence, you should ensure to get the AC outdoor unit installed in a shaded place. Also, you should not get two AC outdoor units facing each other. It will lead to the blocking of the hot air, which will then circulate within it to provide lower or no cooling.

  • Ensure a closed environment

Many people don’t ensure that the room environment is closed and then they complain that a window AC is working good. Hence, they should ensure to keep the door closed when the AC is on, and not allow any outside heat to come in. All doors need to be property shut with ducts and windows as well while the AC is working. It will help you to cool the room fast and get an effective cooling performance from your Lloyd AC or any other.

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Some of the tips to improve the performance of the air conditioner are now discussed. You can follow them to ensure enjoying better cooling with lower power bills.

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