With the urban settings and lack of space, most of us are shifting into smaller apartments. They are definitely easy to maintain and create a compact warm world for the family. One thing that most people feel when it comes to the apartment is on giving up on the favorite furniture sets as the space will be limited. Well, in truth if the person is strategic about it then they can pick and choose the furniture in a manner that all the apartment does not have to compromise on anything and everything is according to your liking. This could take a while to set up and hence the first thing that you have to think about what kind of furniture would you prefer. You can avail 40% discount on the furniture by using crate and barrel coupons.

When you are thinking about setting up space your focus should be on tricking the eye to make the place look spacious and not claustrophobic at all. You have to ensure that everything has a right place so that it is aesthetically pleasing and does not feel cramped. Whatever you do make sure that you focus on light and choose things which maximize it.  You will be surprised to see how many modern furniture designs are available which will help you in the quest. You might have to let go of some of the traditional living room décors but that is alright when you know you are getting something bigger in return.

  • Decorate with mirrors: Use wall mirrors or place smaller mirrors which are strategically placed in order to make the room look bigger. The use of a center mirror to create a focal point is often used by many designers. You can effectively create a light source near the mirror so that it reflects and add a nice ambiance. Another small trick is to put a mirror right opposite an existing window which provides an illusion of another window by reflecting the image from the opposite side.
  • Think about the storage: What you have to be careful about is having a perfect space for everything in your small apartment. Clutter can create stress and make the place looks messy and troublesome. No matter what furniture piece you are creating make sure that you add shelves to them or create boxes wherever possible. All the unwanted yet useful elements should go inside the boxes so that the clutter is done away with.
  • Keep it simple: When you have compact space then you cannot choose heavy designs. Think about furniture with sleek lines and that have light designs. You will see how relaxing that would be to have simple designs for the eyes. Also, choose the permanent furniture prioritizing comfort, for example your sofa should be highly comfortable and to add some other seating options you can choose chairs which smaller in size and less cushioned. Since they are not something that you will be using more often and would be used as temporary seating they are alright to be compact as they will save space at the same time.
  • Think of the color: Something that has a huge impact on the look of the living area is the color. Of course in order to save space you would not want the place to look dull but you have to remember that adding bright color might not be the best choice here. A simple trick that one can follow is to choose the larger and permanent piece of furniture is neutral color. Like your sofa or the center table should be chosen in neutral color and then just to add some life to the space you can add the other smaller pieces in different style and color. Think about multi-colored pillows here or choose vases or lamps that reflect different shades. You have to remember here that you should keep the color choices to a maximum of three colors. Do not overdo the colors and even when you are adding them on different items make sure that they show the same shade.
  • Do not forget the kids: In order to make everything look so perfect we most often forget about the kids. The living room should have space so that the kids do not feel trapped so for them add some rug where they can pull their toys out and play with them. Add ottoman for them to sit on or get small chairs. The storage for their small toys would be perfect for them to be able to sit around when there is any family gathering. You can even think about leaving a space for the kids in the drawing room so that they feel they welcome.
  • Keep away the electronics: This one is often missed out on; your living room should not have your television set and cabinet or any other huge electrical appliance. This is not just about space but also add to the stress. You cannot have loud television or stereo going on and on when you are creating a warm living room space. If you wish to have light music while you are sitting in your living room then you can opt for some Wi-Fi enabled system which will not clutter the place with wires and provide you with suitable music.

There are a lot of ways in which the apartment can have everything of your choice if you plan right. There are many of us who start planning late and then start to panic. You can choose the kind of furniture you want and look that you are aiming for and then go ahead with the interior. You must get the color of the walls only after the furniture is done which is not something most of the people do but it is a great way to ensure that you start right. With the furniture in place, you cannot go wrong with the wall color. If you have any doubt then you must think about talking to an expert or even get a designer to work with you but the kind of comfort one gets working on their own is beyond explanation.

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