Living room in everyone’s house talks a lot about the house and the owners. It talks about their taste, their aesthetic sense and their lifestyle too. So, when one is perking up their living room then one should remember that they need to keep up with the right energy so that it can match with the rest of the house as well.

Apart from interior decorations the paintings for living room has to be chosen wisely as well. This is because both the painting and the decor will reflect the style and personality of the house owner. Now, when it comes to wall painting; picking up the right one can be a bit tough because these days, the market is full of wall painting options and so one should follow certain tricks before choosing one.

Choose Wall Paintings


Paintings do come in a lot of sizes these days and they can be mini to bigger in size. When it comes to mini paintings they are mostly sold as a collection of paintings and if one installs all of them, it is enough to cover the entire wall. One should always decide on the size of the painting depending on how much area one has in a room and the space that is available on the wall to hang the paintings. There is also another general rule to keep in mind that the paintings that are to be installed should not extend beyond two third of the sofa present in the living room. One also needs to take the height of the room into consideration. It is a good idea to go for some vertically longer paintings so that it can fill up the empty spaces. One can also install the set of mini paintings into a nice pattern instead of installing them in a horizontal or a vertical row.


It is a good idea to install those paintings that are majorly light weight. The lighter wall arts are easier to hang on the wall and one can easily take them down if they want to change it. Sometimes people do not want to drill some hooks on their walls in order to hang paintings. In those cases, one can stick hooks on the walls and for some extra anchoring; one can use a double side tape on the back of the painting so that it can stick better.


One needs to install in their living room walls something that is pleasant to look. There are beautiful wall paintings for living room available in the market and one can choose a painting with accent colours so that it can bring a cohesive look in the room. If the living room has neutral tones and it is monochromatic then one can go for a bright painting with pop up colour.

If one wants they can go for some abstract paintings as well because it can infuse the mood of the living room. But no matter what, the paintings should fill up the wall rightly.

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