Everyone loves to walk barefoot on soft green turf because of its amazing cushioning. This is why turf is an integral part of every lawn, garden or park. Whether it is a small or big area, the greenery of turf catches everyone’s attention. However, maintaining natural grass is not as easy as we think. It requires a lot of care and money. Natural grass continuously grows that requires regular mowing in order to maintain its height. Moreover, you also need adequate water, fertilizers and weedicides for its health. Not everyone can afford all these things. Therefore, a better alternative of synthetic turf in Brisbane come to existence. These turfs are made up of synthetic material but you cannot figure out by seeing or feeling. In Australia, it is very convenient to find synthetic turfs in multiple qualities. Scroll down to know about some popular variants. 

Different Types of Synthetic Turfs

  • Nylon turf 

If you are looking for good strength in artificial turf, nylon material is the best option. This synthetic material has properties of withstanding high temperature and remains intact under heavy pressure. This is why you can consider it as a great option for lawn turf. However, you have a compromise with natural-looking texture because of its stiffness.  Nylon is a hard material that lasts longer than any other option but anyone can easily figure out whether the turf is natural or artificial. 

  • Polyethylene turf

Polyethylene turf always remains high in demand because of its natural look. If you are searching for a synthetic turf in Brisbane that looks exactly as real one, go with this option. Not only the appearance but its also feels like real grass of you walk on barefoot. Moreover, polyethylene is a robust material that can easily survive in the playgrounds too. Robustness along with the soft feel and real texture makes also makes it an expensive option. However, buying synthetic turf is a long-term investment because it can easily survive for more than 10 years after installation. Therefore, investing a bit more than your budget is not a bad decision. 

  • Polypropylene turf

Polypropylene is a soft material that feels like real grass. You can install it at home but not in a busy location. This material is perfect from the perspective of look and feel but cannot survive longer. You can use it only in shady areas because of the lack of heat resistance. 

If you are looking for a robust artificial turf in Brisbane that can survive for a long time with the least possible maintenance, polyethylene is the perfect option. Those having a lower budget and can adjust with artificial look can go with the option of nylon. 

The significance of Synthetic turf in Australia

Most of the regions in Australia are hot where adequate watering of turf is a big issue. If it is a large space, irrigation is not possible every day. Moreover, the intense hot temperature turns green turf into pale yellow that you will not like. 

The second reason for choosing artificial turf in Brisbane is its resistance from pests. Australia is an ideal habitat for various kinds of pests. Areas like natural green turf are perfect habitats to thrive. Synthetic material does not let these pests to stay inside.

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