When the water coolers stop being effective and the air conditioners throw up a huge bill at the end of the month, one usually turns to the oft ignored but trusted fan. Ceiling fans for home are placed usually in the centre of a room not only provides air flow but also decorates the room with its vibrant colours. It is a must have requirement especially for the summer season.

Larger rooms may need two or more ceiling fans that give a good air flow to the entire room. Some ceiling fans for houses now come with a light fixture in the middle taking care of both air and light requirements for your room. A room without a ceiling fan just seems out of place.

Most Indian cities and villages require a fan due to the hot and humid weather. The ceiling fan becomes even more crucial when you combine the low-voltages and battery or generator back-ups to the weather conditions. Ceiling fans come in various shapes and sizes but there is a science behind how to choose the best one that fits a room. The larger the size of the ceiling fan, the more it tends to keep the air circulated in the room and makes the area more comfortable.

As a rule you should have at least two feet space between the wall and the tip of your fan. A ceiling fan operates by pushing the air down to the bottom of the room from above. The air then bounces off back up the blades and spreads across the room giving us a light or strong breeze depending upon the speed settings. If there is less space above the ceiling fan or on its sides, a kind of vacuum is created and there is no air left for the fan to circulate, thus negating the positive effects of a ceiling fan.

Our range provides ceiling fans under the basic, decorative and economy categories – making sure you have the ceiling fan that fits every bill of your varied requirements. We also have fan controls like remote, pull chain and the quintessential wall control type that will fit into your style for the room. They also fit into a small to medium budget easily making sure you do not feel the pinch.

Base ceiling fans: They have both three wings and four wings options that have robust motors, wider blades for more aerodynamic capabilities, better performance even at low voltage and silent operation.

Decorative ceiling fans: These have all of the criterion mentioned in the base ceiling fans and are loved by all for their pleasing designs that give a room an added flamboyance. They come in many colours to suit and be a part of your room’s design and colour requirements.

Economy ceiling fans: They come with special aluminium blades that enhance the air flow in your room with a strong motor and best value for money.

All our fans have a strong motor, aesthetically pleasing designs, greater aerodynamic qualities and various colour options to complement your walls. These technical factors provide you a lower electricity bill thus conditioning you to perfect comfort and peace of mind.

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