“Home heating expenses are on a high”; if you hear this statement every now or then, you need more planning to cut down the cost!

While digging in the electricity bills might be a tricky process, it is not as challenging as it looks. So, if you are trying to come up with pro tricks to reduce your electricity bills, follow these mindful tips:

Keep A Check On The Leaks:

Drafty rooms, single-pane doors, and older windows suck the heat from the house. So, seal them by using a plastic sheet of a good thickness. If you notice any cracks in the frame, fill them with caulking. Additionally, it is one of the proven ways to save electricity at home and to make the room warm and cozy.

Furthermore, your front door is the culprit that escapes the heat out, so add a weather stripping and keep the heat locked in the room. Don’t forget to wrap the water heater, as cold basements will make the heater work harder.

Keep The Thermostat At Low Setting Mode:

Especially during winter days, keep your thermostat as low (at least at 68 during the day and 55 at night) to save on the heating expense.

Lowering the thermostat will save up to 13% of the overall bill. Stick to the winter clothes like a sweater, long pants, thick warmers and more to stay warm during the day.

Don’t Let The Chimney Open When Not Using:

Keeping your chimney flue open when not using is the same as keeping your window open for some time.  Doing this, you are only allowing warm air to get out of your house and is welcoming the cold air. Also, make sure that your dryer vents are closed and sealed properly.

Put Your Ceiling Fans On Work:

In warm weather, your ceiling fan operates counterclockwise to push the air down so that you get the cool breeze. However, during winter, you can reverse the direction of the fan.

By reversing the direction and by keeping it at low speed, the blades will create an updraft. This reverse circulation will help in moving the hot air down in your room and will also eliminate the hot and cold areas.

Keep The Curtains On:

Apart from using the weather stripping and sealing leaks of your windows, what you put on the windows also make a huge difference in the heating costs. Use insulated curtains to minimize heat loss and to reduce drafts.

Shop for the one that comes with acrylic or high-density foam insulation along with the reflective film to keep the heat locked in the room.

Don’t forget to take advantage of solar heats during the day. This will raise the indoor temperature and will also minimize the use of thermostat during the day.

Use Single-Space Heaters To Heat Small Space:

Don’t want the thermostat work all day? Use a single-room heater, as they use less energy and are programmable.

You can go for a room heater that comes with an auto-off timer or the one that connects with your smartphone.

Keep Radiators And Vents Clean:

Make sure that furniture or rugs do not block your vents, or you don’t have anything in front of the radiator. Doing this will also allow the air to move freely and this will put less strain on the furnace.

Use Humidifiers:

Using humidifiers can help you lower down the heating expense. Since the moist air from the humidifier helps retaining heat better than the dry air, it will keep the room warm and cozy. Moreover, humidifiers help to minimize static electricity and make it easier for you to breathe.

Air Vent Booster:

An air-vent booster that you install over your vent works by attracting the additional air into a room. It’s more like a fan that brings additional air, thereby minimizing the utility bills and saving a large amount of money.

So, those were some of the tips that will help you minimize the electricity bills and save energy in winters!

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