In painting a house, there are valuable lessons you can learn, which can be applicable to any area of your life and biz. In painting advices, visit website for more details. Below are five (5) lessons you can learn in painting a whole house:

  1. Ask for Help – With the bulk of how much painting you had to do, asking for help can be a smart way in painting a house. You couldn’t do it all by yourself. The biggest thing may be the walls over the stairs in a split level home. You can also pay them for helping you in tasks only them can do for you. Asking for help is vital to think of when crafting your ideal life and business. It may save you time, money and your sanity.
  2. Think Smarter Not Harder – prior to doing the task of painting, you may ask yourself “How I can let this be easy?” First, you can map out all the rooms and the colors you chose for each. Then, get the supplies and place them in each room. At this point, ask yourself, “How long will it be for the task in each room” and “can I do the job all by myself?”

You will realize that you can paint all but two (2) rooms. Wherein, the two (2) rooms you couldn’t paint are the ones with vaulted ceilings and staircases. In this lieu, you may ask for help. At this point, you may also realize then to break down the painting for over four (4) days.

  1. Take a Break – This should be necessary. You may be too busy to think of taking a break and forget that it is needed. During a big project, whether you are painting the whole house, writing or crafting a new digital course, be sure to take a break when you need to.

  1. Find Perfection in the Imperfection – It is an understatement to say that you are an OCD about painting. You may have that much passion in painting your house. If you love painting and performing home improvements, then it is the perfect job for you. You may also be one of the people that look for anything in just a certain way. For a fact, painting can be difficult during the time that there are different colors in the same room.

Moreover, such defines that during one color ends comes another that begins. A lot of people do not like to think twice about this, but for those of who have OCD, it is essential to know that a corner with two (2) colors, allows crooked or wavy edges.

5.      Have the Courage to Be Bold! – For a fact, the color of every room is very crucial, because it will impact how you feel during entering that room. You may use your intuition during choosing colors for your house and pick a very bold color to apply in paint at every room. For example, you may choose the color “Royal Navy” for your living room. This will make you feel that you are inside a high end design magazine.

Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.

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