Hong Kong : Experience Exceptional Beauty and Glamour!

Hong Kong Skyline

Locals as well as travelers can attest to the fact that Hong Kong is a great place to be. Its very name means fragrant harbor or incense harbor. The city is also referred to as shoppers’ paradise. However, there is more to it than shopping. In the year 2014, Hong Kong was ranked as the 11th most popular international tourists’ destination word wide. It recorded a total of 27.8 million tourists in the year 2014.

Hong Kong enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Winters are mild and snowfall is extremely rare. Spring and autumn seasons are generally sunny and dry. Its great climate makes an ideal all-year tourist destination.

Hong Kong Skyline
The beauty of Hong Kong is exhibited in modern skyscrapers, glittering harbors and natural scenery. The dragon’s back is one of the most spectacular places in the city. Meandering on top of a ridge, the path resembles the spine of a motionless dragon.

The path is considered to be an ideal hiking trail in the heart of Shek O Country Park. Also great is the Big Buddha. Located in Lantau Island, the bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha stands at 34 metres high. You can visit the outstanding parks such as Tai Lam Country Park and Kowloon park.
Culture lovers will definitely reap from the captivating culture in Hong Kong. Chinese culture blends in so well with the rich colonial past. It combines the Cantonese, British and Mandarin cultures. All the unique cultures are harmoniously combined.

The city is considered to be one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. You can enjoy numerous festivals and fairs throughout the year. They include Lion and Dragon dancing, parade come- together and carnivals. You will also get a chance to experience a wide range of international cuisines. Despite blending numerous cultures, Hong Kong remains a safe and secure city.

The crime rate is remarkably low as people co-exist in harmony. It is rated as one of the safest places in the world. In the recent Safe Cities Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Hong Kong among the safest cities Worldwide.
Hong Kong is an ideal family destination offering all the attractions and tourist activities you could ever ask for. Besides enjoying family tours to parks, museums and monuments, your children can visit Disneyland and meet their favorite cartoon characters.

The beauty of Hong Kong nightlife cannot be overlooked. This may range from taking a night cruise to Victoria Harbor to visiting the state-of-the-art pubs and bars. To sum it all, enjoy the therapeutic Hong Kong massage. This will offer instant relief from fatigue leaving you all rejuvenated.
The beauty of the city is experienced by investors as well. Considered to be a leading world’s financial centre, the city’s economy is characterized by free trade and low taxation. This has made it an ideal trading and investment partner for many countries. Therefore, Hong Kong will not only offer you touristic benefits but also investment opportunities.

Given its strategic location, Hong Kong acts as a gateway to East Asia and China. It forms a good basis for exploring the rest of the Asian continent. You can enjoy affordable and hassle-free flights to the city. While there, you will enjoy convenient transportation. The city hosts one of the best transportation systems in the world. Apparently, you can hardly exhaust the great things that Hong Kong has to offer!

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