Hospitality and Event Management Services – Providing An Ultimate Benefit to Customer And the Country

Event management companies have transformed to a large extent in today’s time, from the days when they were signified only to a handfuls of events which were limited to some big musical parties, shows or conferences parties and weddings. An event management company is today much more than organizing and arranging a show or a party. Current event companies encompass a wide array of events that include promotional and marketing services as well. These companies today cover everything from in shop promotions and road shows to modern trade, RWA activities, mall marketing, planning of corporate events, exhibition stall designing etc.

With shortage of time and the increase in need to professionally organize and manage promotional and marketing activities, the demand of event management companies have increased, and this is also the reason for a major transformation in these event companies. For example, a birthday party organizer event company in Delhi, Gurgaon will not only help you in planning your event but will also take responsibility of making invitation cards, conducting activities during the event, catering services, managing guests, designing the theme of the party, creating and designing the birthday cake in the best possible creative manner, and managing the distribution of gifts etc.

Not only birthday parties, these companies can also help you to organize a number of different special events that you or your organization would be interested in organizing such as, ceremonies, celebrations, organizing a event during product launches and product presentations, conducting workshops, company inaugurations, conferences and events where you plan to invite public in large number.

Major Tasks an Event Management Company Does or can Do

  • An event management company can help you set up special meetings that your employees or business partners may need to attend.
  • Such companies will also assist you in setting up trade congress to promote your line of work and any product or services that go with your company profile.
  • A professional event management company will help you in saving your money to a large extent. These companies have good relationship with venue owners, vendors, sound system providers and other suppliers, required to make your event a success, thus can negotiate with such suppliers and reduce your cost.
  • Event planners supervise setup for the event which includes arranging of equipments such as sound systems, video screens, ensuring proper function of air cooling systems etc. During the ongoing event they focus on satisfying hosts and guests and put their best efforts to meet their needs.
  • Event planners work on the marketing skills to encourage guest to attend conventions. In between this, they also manage transportation services to and from the event for out-of-town guests. If an event needs guests and VIPs to fly from far places, event planners also coordinate with travel agents to set up flights.

Hospitality Services and Indian Tourism

Today in India you can find several leading travel agents and hospitality service providers that offer exceptional world-class services for all constituents of tourism sector in India. Many of the hospitality service providers include hotel bookings, airline and railway reservations, taxi hiring services, travel agents, providing of service apartments etc.

To keep up with the varied interests and desires of foreign tourists, India offers exceptional tourism opportunities. Right from adventure tours in the deserts in Rajasthan to extreme adventures in ranging adventures in ranging rivers and steep snow-laden slopes of Himalayas, India is a great place of excitement for tourists visiting here. To get an opportunity for Snorkeling and sea diving in India tourists visit the extreme southern part of the country. Spiritual seekers visiting the country can get the infectious religious belief systems in the monasteries of Ladakh and major Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Muslim and Buddhist pilgrimage places here.

How Hospitality and Tourism Industry Add Economic Growth in the Country

Hospitality industry in India is the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. It is expected to create 328 million jobs and support 10% of the work force in the upcoming future. Through various ways it is contributing in the economy of the country.

Creating job Opportunities: This industry has direct job opportunities as tour guides, tour operators, and planners, travel consultants in hotels, restaurants and resorts. Jobs are even created in related industries such as cruise industry, airlines, event management etc.

Creating indirect jobs: Not only direct jobs, but the industry also creates indirect jobs, for instance in the agriculture and food production sector, in retail industry and so on.  The growth of the hospitality services can also be seen largely due to the tourists visiting different destinations. Restaurants, trade and repair services stand third as a sub segment of the services sector in India.

Earning of Foreign Exchange: This can be termed as the most important contribution this industry can make to the economy of a country. All touring expenditure brought about by outside visitors is a wellspring of foreign trade earnings. Numerous nations of the world make it obligatory for tourists from abroad to convey a specific measure of foreign currency for the whole length of their stay. Along these lines, foreign travelers are the best means for getting outside money to the host country.

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