Aazing Tips on How to Attract Men

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You might be asking yourself how some women attract men even at old age. They always have men chasing them without doing much. If you are looking on tips on how to attract men then you are in the right place. The following tips will help you to be a man magnet and you will attract the man you of your choice.

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Be unique

You will never attract any man with a predictable behavior and this is why if you really need the man of your choice you need to be surprising. Men are more often attracted to odd behaviors but you need not to be unpleasant. Doing extraordinary things makes the woman look independent unlike the other women who want to be trendy.


The eyes of men are always focused on the cleavage and this is why you must always make it attractive if you want to attract men. Trying to cover the cleavage all the time you are out will irritate men because this make you look like you are not confident about yourself. Men are always looking for women who are confident even in public. However as much as you want to attract men, make sure that it remains respectable.

Focus on your mouth

Men are attracted to the most weird, discreet, ordinary gestures for instance men tend to be attracted to women who bite their lips. Any gesture that you will do with your mouth most often will attract men because they like anything to do with the mouth of a woman. Try something that will make you look sexy and do not over do it, let it look natural.

Crazy enthusiasm

Women who are able to play football or even think of doing it when in an office suit are irresistible to men. This shows the man that you are ready to have fun anytime without any fear. Try crazy things that the man does not think you can do but do not be more of a man than women. As much as you can do these things, you also need to have that sense of being a lady if you are to attract any man.

Feminine walk

Walking with straight shoulders in small steps will make you look sexy and elegant and you will attract any man. Men tend to think that any women who can walk beautifully know how to handle people and this is all they need. Having that sensual feminine walk while entering a room will make you dominate and attract the attention of many. You can amplify this by having shoes with high heels. If you can attract the attention of people then they will notice something unique in you that will make them like you.

The seriousness

Men find women who concentrate on what they do to be very seductive, dedicated and determined. Therefore try to be serious when you are doing important things but avoid being too serious all the time because this will scare men away.

The stunning smile

Having a beautiful smile that is sweet and honest will attract men to you because this shows that you are enjoying their presence. It is very easy to attract any man just with a simple smile.

Irresistible voice

Having a calm and sexy voice can conquer any man. This makes them enjoy listening to you all the time and in this way they will find more unique things in you hence they will end up liking you. Your voice must be good enough if you are to catch the attention of anybody. Talking slowly in whispers and low resonance make you friendly and sweet and this is what most men are looking for. Use the power of your voice to get the man of your choice.

Look your best

Always have your best look before going out because you never know where or when you will meet the man of your choice. Put on the colors that you know you look attractive in most preferably pink beach which is what most men are attracted to. Your first impression is very important if you are looking to attract men.

Stand in the middle of the room

If you are in a party you can try standing in the middle of the room and move a little while talking to people around you. If you are to attract people you need to be in a position where most people can see you without any difficulties. Never sit down because if you do you will not be noticed by many. If you have a particular person in mind then move close to them and if possible you can even start a conversation with them. This is only possible if you are comfortable with what you are wearing and this is why you must make sure that you have a pair of shoes that will not hurt your feet. Be smart in all ways if you want to be noticed in a crowd and this way you will attract a man of your choice.

Body language

Your body language will either attract or keep people away from you. In case you see someone that you are interested in, you can drop your eyes, tilt your head and then look straight at him. This action will send a message to them and they will start thinking about you. Always look people in the eye and have a smiley face when talking to them. To let a man know that you are interested in talking to him you can have a slight flip of your hair and then stroke your neck in a sexy way. You can do more friendly gesture to make the man notice that you are interested in him.

Lastly if you want to attract men you need to avoid chewing gum too much, talking more about yourself and most importantly do not talk about your Ex. This is because this will make you look like you have poor manners and will make men turn off. All you need to do if you want to attract a man is to be in control of your life and your personal look and not forgetting your personality.

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