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A night of sleep helps to recover from the day, but it is not just about sleeping, but about doing it correctly, without awakenings, bad postures or aches and contractures, because otherwise, we will feel tired and it will be harder to work, concentrate or make decisions. If you wake up with pain and it disappears with movement in a short period of time, it could be indicative that the surface on which you rest is not the most appropriate.


But how to choose the perfect mattress? To choose the most suitable essential mattress depends on your way of resting, natural curvature of your spine. That’s why the same mattress or the same pillow does not serve us all. To help you discover what is yours, we bring you with

These keys will help you to know how to choose the mattress that best suits you:


When buying a new mattress we must go without prejudice. We do not have to let ourselves be carried away by the predefined ideas we have about other materials that we have not tested, such as mattresses with cores made of viscoelastic materials, HR (High Resilience) or latex foam. The springs are still an option to consider. Currently, there are three types of continuous thread, bagged or biconical.


HOW DO YOU SLEEP? To choose the ideal mattress you should think about how you sleep since there are different possibilities depending on your position.

Sleeping on your side is the best option to rest. The fetal position is a natural position but not everyone sleeps like this. If you sleep on your side, the column should remain straight. Therefore, look for a mattress of medium firmness that conforms to the shoulders and hips. The pillow is also an important element in that position since it cannot be too high or too low, but it adapts to the natural line of the spine to avoid pressure and pain. A pillow between the legs will also contribute to greater rest.

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If you sleep lying on your back, your mattress would be a firm one taking into account aspects such as avoiding lumbar tension, placing a small pillow under the knees reduces the lumbar curvature, making the body rest better.

If you sleep on your stomach, stiffness cannot go with you. The best option is fewer firm mattresses. The neck is one of the parts that suffer most so the height of the pillow should be minimal to avoid tension in the cervical. In addition, a small pillow under the pelvis, will avoid any type of muscle pain when getting up.


One of the main mistakes we make when buying our mattress is not to try it. Get closer to your salesperson, explain your needs and try it. It is important to wear comfortable clothes to have an experience similar to when we would be at home. Usually, when we try a mattress or a sofa, courtesy, it is not done in its entirety. Therefore, although we may be more embarrassed than anything else, we must try to experience comfort.


Buying a mattress lightly can be a serious mistake since this will accompany us for a maximum of 10 years. For that reason, you should not rush but study very well the mattress that you are going to buy. Think that we spend more than a third of our lives sleeping, so you must do it in one that gives you all the benefits you need to have a complete dream and have a happy life.

As we have explained that rest is very important in our life. However, we have told you what is necessary so that you have no excuse to face any problem and you can have our future days full of energy.

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