How To Clean Pressure Cooker-Keep cooker Healthy

pressure cooker

A pressure cooker helps people cook faster than average time. It follows simple way, producing a lot of steam inside and builds up high pressure which helps you for cooking. Probably, you are the best housewife who every day serves delicious food before your family and friends. Everyone impressed you for excellent cooking skill. How do you feel when you have a glimpse of the messy pots, tough strains, burnt foods stuck up on your cooker?

pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is an important element in our modern life to save valuable time requires for cooking. But when it gets dirty, we need to clean it in an effective way. That’s why this is necessary to know how to clean pressure cooker. Let’s have a useful discussion about that.

Get rid of the burnt strains:

As your pressure cooker is your long lasting companion. You must take the best care in terms of cleaning it effectively. One of the common issues to notice is burnt strains on a cooker. The easiest strategy to get rid of the burnt strains is to fill up with required water and let it be on the stove for 10- 15 minutes. Keep heating slowly on it. It will loosen up all of the food spills stacked on it. You can easily scrub off later.

Remove black stains with onion:

For longer usage of the pressure cooker, there may have been discovered some black stains on the surface of it. Never be worried about that. You can effectively use the outer layer of the onion to remove black marks. At first, fill your pressure cooker with sufficient water. Make sure it covers the stained areas.

Cleaning the pressure cookerUse 5 to 6 onion skins in the water. Then heat the stove with higher heat and close it with a lid. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, you will find those black marks loosen on the surface. Then carefully scrub the surface with the soft sponge.

Clean sticky food particles with baking soda or vinegar:

Baking soda is the perfect ingredient for cleaning hard and old stains of your pressure cooker. Furthermore, it helps in cleaning your kitchen too. Fill your pressure cooker with two or three teaspoons of baking soda with water. Then heat for on low heat for few hours. After that, stop heating and let it be cooled for sometimes. Then scrub it and you will reveal the shiny surface of your pressure cooker. You can remove the hardiest stains with a regular utilization of baking soda or white vinegar. Stubborn sticky stains won’t get any long-lasting place when you used these ingredients while washing.

Washing the lid:

Pressure cookers’ lid must be washed separately. You should use your hands to clean it. At first, all removable part of cooker machine should take aside such as the gasket, pressure weight and other parts of it. Hot water is the best supplement to help you in washing. It removes all germs and dust from the surface of any stained areas. You can clean your lid with dishwasher using hot water. For general washing, it just needs a quick rinse under tap water for regular usage. To remove hard stains from your lid, you can use warm soapy water

Clean the gasket:

The gasket is another part of a pressure cooker. You should wash your gasket separately. Clean the dirty parts of your gasket using warm water and a small amount of soap. You should install it back in the lid after washing properly. Then dry it with air flowing. Make sure that everything gets dried perfectly.

Wash with vinegar for mineral deposits:

Probably, you have been using your pressure cooker for longer periods of time. Generally, a white layer of mineral deposits will grow there without your concern. You need to wash them at least once in a week. White vinegar is the perfect ingredient for you in this case. You get surprised thinking about why I am indicating vinegar as perfect ingredient to remove deposits. There is a reason behind this claim.

VinegarWhite vinegar is combined with ethnic acid and that’s why it is acidic in nature. It can easily clear all germs and stupid grimy stains. At first, fill your pressure cooker with sufficient water and include a cup of white vinegar in that. Let it be in that position overnight. Then wash it in next morning. You will experience a significant difference in your food cooking device.

Ammonia method in cleaning pressure cooker:

We are bringing more options to have a happy cleaning of your pressure cooker. Another extraordinary method you can follow is ammonia method in cleaning pressure cooker. All that you need is ammonia, bleach-free dish soap, hot water and soft scrubbing pads.

For cleaning, at first fill the pot with household ammonia. , make sure that it covers the black stained areas as well. Put a lid to cover the pot. Since ammonia can damage a rubber seal, you should not use it. Let your cooker soak for a couple of hours. As you used ammonia in washing techniques, you should be careful with heavy caution. Fumes can be dangerous while removing the lid.

Then wash it with soapy water and clean the stubborn tough areas with a scrubbing pad. You can wear an eye protector to save your eyes from excessive irritation of the fumes of ammonia.  Bleach and ammonia produce poisonous fumes together.


Maintenance of a pressure cooker is needed for having long lasting service from it. As it saves your precious time in cooking, you should clean it properly once in a weak apart from general washing. That’s why you should learn how to clean pressure cooker properly. It ensures a healthy and comfortable life for you and your family members. You should clean internal and external area s of pressure cooker with caring concern. Hope, this article will benefit you broadly in cleaning a pressure cooker.

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