How To Make White Sage Smudge Stick And Its Benefits

Have you ever had the experience of someone coming into your home or office and leaving some unpleasant residue in his or her wake? That is when it’s time to use white sage smudge stick! You will be more than amazed to know how many benefits it can serve and how easy it is to use the white sage for good reasons.

Smudging has always been popular in many parts of the world and even in different ancient cultures. It was regarded as a method of cleansing, purifying, and releasing energy. That’s the reason it found application in so any customs and rituals and for other purposes. it ‘s also used to prepare the individuals who are involved physically, mentally, or emotionally.

White sage smudging stick is often utilized while meditating, praying, or sweat lodging. Even if someone is ill or suffering depression, want to feel new energy, you can use white sage smudge stick as your solution. You can perform it on environment, on someone’s body, or on your personal possessions too. All you need is a little knowledge of how to make it and use it for different purposes and you will be able to enjoy its miraculous benefits.

Commonly, smudging is done with a bundle or stick, where white sage smudge stick is the most popular. You can also simply put the dry herbs directly onto a pot. In both the ways, you put them on fire to form an ember for producing smoke. The smoke created like this is then spread around the entire place, thing, or the person in a clockwise direction. During the smearing process, you can also honor all the directions and other important elements like Earth, Moon, Sun, and whatever else you consider apt. You can also use a invocation to heal, clarify, and for some other reason. In short, it’s a great time to show your gratitude and request guidance.

The first step is to gather the plant branchlets. You should always ask permission from the plant devas and leave gratitude gift in form of hair, cornmeal, tobacco or the like behind. The next thing you’ll need is some natural twine like jute, hemp, or cotton.

On one end of the twine, tie a loop, then thread the other end through it to make a slip knot. Next, pick up the herb pile, place the loop around the base and pull tight to anchor. Now, begin to wrap the twine around the stick keeping a moderate tension. In case it’s too tight it may not burn well. When you’ve wrapped all the way to the top, continue wrapping downward until there’s just enough twine left to tie back on itself. Let it dry out completely before using the white sage smudge stick.

Although it is very useful, but it’s not that easy to find sage branchlets. Thinking where to buy white sage? Search online and you will get several options to choose from. You can also look in your local market shops to to get good quality, genuine sage to make smudge sticks and then perform the activity.

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