Do I need a Financial Adviser ?

If you are doing all your investment by your own, have you ever thought whether you should turn things over to a financial advisor? This article attempts to throw some light on this subject and give you with some things to think about so that you can take the right decision.

As the qualified financial planners are trained to work with myriad personal financial issues, they can help you in setting financial aims and priorities, then recommend particular processes to achieve those aims. This means they may give advice on how you should decide your investments advisor, what kind of insurance you really need and brief how certain moves may affect your taxes or estate.


Its then your decision to follow those guidelines or not. A good planner will also suggest when you need more professional help, say, working with a trusts and estates attorney who can help conserve assets in a family businesses.

Check out this quick checklist to analyse if you should consider working with a financial advisor.

You get a tax refund each year:- Many people dread filing taxes because of the time needed to collect receipts, manage expenses and pay the actual tax bill. In order to maximize the efficiency of your tax dollars, the financial advisor will likely be able to help you give more care to what you owe and how much you should be paying.

You are not sure how much to investment:- Note that, how much you make is not important but how much you keep is. Hiring a financial advisor can help, because she or he can brief all of your fund costs. Over time, this small savings could surely secure future of you and your family and give you a good retirement life.

You are think that whatever you are saving is not enough:- May be at the age of 60, the main concern of everyone is retirement. Because people start realizing that they don’t have a lot of time at the work, so they begin to do some planning. The issue here is many people do not know what kind of planning to do. And with so many financial calculators and programs online, it is very hard to know where to start.

You have not set up a survivor or legacy plan:- If something were to happen to you, what would happen to those who need you or depend on on your income to cover some of their expenses? Or let’s say your beneficiaries are taken care of, but you don’t have a plan for your legacy. Most often, this is handled through ownership of your various belongings, but it can also be set up with legal documents, such as wills and trusts.

In Summary:

Everyone has lots of doubts about money and its planning. Some people can manage these problems by themselves but majority of people need some help to make the best decisions.That is where the financial advisor may be needed for your future money planning. Don’t avoid it. Embrace it and make sure you are following the right way.

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