I Want To Share My Apartment With My Pet, Is That Allowed?

In today’s world, it is often a requirement to shift to new places for reasons like work, study or other needs. For people who travel often, online home rentals are a boon. Nest Away is a home rental network that helps people search for pg for boys in bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities across India. When renting a flat, many things are to be considered that become major concerns when the tenants actually move in. One such concern is whether pets should be allowed in the rental house. They have lots of benefits like making the house lively and promising responsible tenants. While some may be fine with having pets around, not many can stand their smell and even may be allergic to certain pets. Communities like NestAway do not allow pets in flats taking into consideration everybody’s interests. They offer clean houses that are expected to be maintained so. Given all below are some of the reasons to opt for pet-free homes.

Damage the apartment

Not every pet is disciplined and obedient. There could be some that damage the apartments. They can chew up carpets, scratch the floors and destroy the furniture. Once the damage is done, there is no use regretting the decision of allowing pets in the flats for rent.

Disturbance for neighbours

Animals running around in the house can be a disturbance to the people living in your flat and the neighbours. This is especially true in the case of squawking birds and barking dogs. If you have people living on the floors below you, they will be even more disturbed by all the scratching and running.


Apart from causing damage to the house, the animals biting the tenants or neighbours can be a serious problem. Surveys show that every year dogs bite millions of people around the world and many of them need immediate medical attention. So, the landlords prefer keeping pets away for their own and other’s safety.

Loss of tenants

With the risk of being bitten by pets like cats and dogs prevailing, many tenants do not prefer renting pet-friendly homes. Another reason for the loss of tenants is that many people are allergic to pets and get easily affected by diseases when pets are around.

Pet odours

Most pets have odours that many people cannot tolerate. The animals become smelly when they are not properly cleaned and groomed. They may urinate anywhere inside the house making things worse. You cannot expect every pet owner to be careful enough to look after their pets well. Once they are allowed to keep the pets, it is not possible to ask them to vacate citing problems related to pets. It is true that by allowing pets, the landlords can demand more rent from them, but in many cases this is not worth it solely due to the destruction caused by these animals. Therefore, many landlords refrain from allowing pets at home.

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