If You Think of a Racerback


Racerback dress is a must have this summer. This garment has a strong masculine name but looks so feminine and funky on woman`s shoulders. It was a very interesting designer idea to combine a man`s strength and a woman`s delicacy in such a way. If to belt a dress, it will look even more feminine. Plus there are different variations of it. Without a belt, such a dress looks usually oversized and shapeless. It is a shame though that there are no mirrors in the stores, which would make it to where it would be easier to see the back of a dress.


Speaking about its shape, it can really be different and it makes it appropriate for many occasions. For example, such a dress may look chic, elegant and stylish for an evening event depending upon the fabric and accessories. It may also be a cool variant of a summer dress to wear for a walk or going to the beach. If that is a blouse with a racerback, combining with a classic skirt or trousers and a clutch, it might look elegant and chic just as well. If to put on a funky skirt or jeans, you will have a casual look.

Open back has always been sexy. Racerback dress or a blouse makes it open and covered at the same time keeping an intrigue. It is a perfect balance between dressy and casual. Again, it is up to the owner what accessory to choose to make it look either way. Such an outfit`s design is universal. Together with a universal color like black or white, you will be able to wear it with any piece on any reason.

What shoes to wear to go along with a racerback dress is another question. Everything depends upon what the occasion is, what fabric and color your dress is of. However, you will be happy to know that any pair of shoes fits well – gladiator sandals, platforms, ballet flats and heels. Taller women typically go for flats and sandals while shorties for shoes with heels and platforms.

Therefore, a racerback dress is no longer for poolside retreats. It has become very fierce part of wardrobe. Every fashionmonger will find a way to apply it better. It is clear by now though that having a racerback dress in your closet will solve a problem what to wear whatever the occasion is.

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