Importance of Hiring Furniture for Your Wedding

furniture hire for weddings

With regard toorganizing the perfect wedding, one needs to keep in mind several individual details. The various aspects include venue, catering, music, guests, ceremony etc.

One important detail is furniture for the wedding serving events ranging from ceremony to cocktail party. For this you have different options like borrowing furniture, buying furniture or hiring furniture.

furniture hire for weddings

 You might be considering borrowing or buying furniture. But there are several reasons why this is not the right thing to do; like difficulty in transporting items, burgeoning costs and being stuck with furniture, not knowing what to do with it, after the wedding. Here hiring furniture from a professional company comes to the rescue.

Another reason for the same is to choose the best. You may have taken painstaking efforts at selecting fabric, flowers, decorations and colours for your wedding venue. You may have spent hours choosing your wedding dress and other decor. But will you want to spoil it all with cheap, outdated and tacky furniture?

To ensure that nothing lest you down aesthetically on your special day, you may want to go the extra mile for arranging for the best furniture hire for weddings. Hiring wedding day furniture implies that you avoid cheap plastic chairs in mismatched colours and designs. It also takes care of post wedding stress about what to do with all the furniture.

While hiring furniture, you would wish to do it in the best possible way. For this the most important task is to determine what exactly you need. The simplest way is to go through all details of events from ceremony to end of party.

Here is a useful check list to consider while hiring wedding furniture:


  • Ceremony backdrop
  • Guest seating
  • Welcome signage and easel to display it
  • Table or bar for refreshments
  • Umbrellas for shade

Cocktail Reception

Whether it is a few hours to let guests mingle or a full-blown cocktail reception, here are some items to consider:

  • Cocktail seating (low tables, chairs, lounges, coffee tables, picnic rugs)
  • Service bar for drinks
  • Important signage like restrooms
  • Grazing table for food
  • Napkins, cutlery and plates for food
  • Shade umbrellas
  • Lounge furniture like textile, rugs and cushions
  • Candle holders and tea-lights
  • Vases for flowers

Sit Down Reception

  • Dining tables
  • Dinner plates
  • Dining chairs
  • Entrée plates
  • Dessert/ cake plates
  • Entrée cutlery
  • Dinner cutlery
  • Dessert/cake cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Glass ware
  • Candle holders or tea-lights
  • Flower vases
  • Seat for bride and groom and signage
  • Table for gifts
  • A dessert or cake station
  • Platters for desserts and cake stand
  • Easel to hold menu and seating plan
  • Backdrop for photos
  • Lectern for any speeches
  • Backdrop for bridal table.

So now you have a check list. But here are some other considerations:

  • Some venues are complete blank canvases, so you need to hire all details from scratch. In case you are depending on venue to arrange details, make sure you double check what these details are.
  • Re-using items is a great way to save money like moving chairs from ceremony to reception but make sure you have arranged persons to organize such operations like wedding coordinators.
  • Arrange numbers of items as per maximum guests you are expecting and reduce the numbers closer to wedding date when RSVP’s start coming in.

These are some aspects about hiring furniture for your wedding.

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