Important Points To Remember In Your Tile And Grout Cleaning


The joys of having a new home are exhilarating, but the joy gets into slippery grounds as the home begins to age. The same feeling is soon replaced with feelings of dejection when you the first sights of cracks and portions of tiles are getting chipped and dark lining in grouts due to regular use, walking traffic or dirt being gathered.

The challenge with dirt and grime is that tile and grout cleaning does not bring back the lustier look that existed once upon a time, irrespective of how much it has been scrubbed and worked with. This is where cleaning and maintenance go hand in hand; the best results are always realized with professional help. Let’s discuss some important facts on how this is conducted and benefits of tile grout clearing services.

  • Ousting microorganism: Bacteria, mildew, bugs, germs and molds unseen to human eye continue to proliferate and grow extensively in small micro cracks and openings that double up as breading grounds and homes for these microorganisms. These tiny living beings of the size of 1 to 2 micros go unnoticed and are rarely if ever eliminated fully when a regular cleaning is being done, especially if you are living in areas that are damp or have heavy showers and snow fall. Professional help in this area will help to flush out and sterilize the tile and grout cleaning area.
  • Experienced training: Professionals are systematically trained in various techniques for tile and grout cleaningsuch as removing and replacing grout, steam cleaning grout, color sealing grout lines as desired, appropriate chemicals to match the nature of grout.
  • Post cleaning protector: Most teams apply a layer of wax on their tile or grout post cleaning; this definitely provides some shine and sheen to the surface. Wax has its disadvantages too; dirt can get settled in corners where wax may have been applied. Water based penetrating sealers are good alternatives as post cleaning protectors. These hydrophobic films repel water and dirt keeping at bay the need to unceasing tile and grout cleaning.

While regular mopping the floor cleans the surface, it also converts some amount of dirt into liquid which is directly saturated into the grout. The more you mop, the more the dirt gets accumulated, darkening the grout with every stoke you mop. Professional service should be able to set this straight by a series of steps as discussed below.

  1. Replacing grout from the tile: Although a messy and tedious job, professional teams can get to this quickly and speedily.
  2. Steam cleaning the grout line: The use of equipment here is handy, rotary machines are used to clean the grout surface, this method is a good solution to remove all small fractions of stain and bacteria. Although existing grout may weaken and crumble this can be reapplied laying a good and clean foundation for the tiles again.
  3. Final step is the sealing: Sealing is essential to keep the clean grouts from getting dirty and germ free. Color sealers are making the rounds in the market today allowing customers to choose fancy colors that go with the décor and tile schemes too. Typically, this will take about a days’ time to set and dry.

Pricing for tile and grout cleaning professional work is a matter of personal decision making, this is because of the common belief that cleaning is best carried out in-house. It will be in your best interest to conduct a comparison study to ensure you have a quotation that is worth the effort and outcome that you desire. Always insist on a written quote and a final contract before you get the work to start.

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  1. It sure got me when you said that grout cleaning and replacing is a job that is tedious and requires a lot of time, so it is best to hire a professional who can do this quickly and efficiently. If that is true, then I will work on finding a grout cleaning company to help me out. I know that mold and other dangerous things can grow in between the grout, but I cannot find the time to clean it. So I will get someone else to do it for me.

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