Some important regulations of clothing label industry

Clothing Labels

Clothing industry has witnessed a complete revolution after the introduction of clothing labels. It provides huge benefits to the manufacturer as well as to consumers. The way it advertises the brand is unmatched. Undoubtedly, it is the most cost effective and at the same time the most impactful advertisement. Other than advertising, it also serves as symbol to the brand. Consumers usually inspect the quality and appearance of the label and accordingly accumulate the brand status.

In some countries like USA, clothing labels are must attach with every garment. They give certain information to the buyer which ensures them about the product. Let us know few regulations of using clothing label.

Clothing labels are necessary for every piece of cloth. They give some fruitful information for consumers. Regulations are set for every manufacturer and importers in their origin country; however one may have to follow other regulation if their products are imported across border. Every country has their own set of law for the market and the owners need to fulfill every requirement before their product hit the market.

Well it is good if every garment follows the rule of clothing labels but there are few products which are exempted from this. Wardrobes which cover the whole body like jeans, T-shirt, shirts have to strictly include labels on them with all the information from brand name to care label. Only such clothes which cover small portion of body or worn as an outside covering like hank chiefs, gloves, ties, shoes socks, don’t fall in this category.

It is very important to use good materials for manufacturing labels. The aim is to provide a durable label which last longer with the garment and be non-harmful to skin. Satin labels are one of the most used for this purpose. With durability, it also provides good aesthetic value to the garment. Other than satin, polyester, cotton, nylon, taffeta and damask are some other materials used for manufacturing labels.

Clothing label should mention the origin of the clothes. Mentioning the country where the manufacturing had taken place is very important. By this one can easily find the details of manufacturer and also the manufacturing standard of the origin country.  Also, it can resolve many issues while trading products from one country to another country.

Putting up the correct label on different piece of fabric is crucial. There are basic instructions to follow. For instance one simply cannot attach a label which withstands low temperature with a product which needs high temperature ironing. Same goes with washing and drying. Labels and fabric should never contradict each other rather they should pose same features.

Labels should accurately define the entire product. Every important piece of information should be given on each manufactured garment. One can choose different style and material of labels, woven or printed, according to their requirement.

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