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How important is Social Media Presence for your Online Reputation?


Technology is the undeniable fact of our life and whether we like it or not, our success rate is decided by our presence and popularity on the Internet a lot.

Whether we talk about the personal reputation or the reputation of our business, the most important aspect in monitoring and maintaining it in the online world is the social media.

Whenever you hear of a brand or a certain kind of business and you want to further enhance your knowledge about the same you definitely search for the social media networks.

Read on to find out why the social media networking has become so important for your reputation in the Internet world.

For being ahead in your business community and to have an influential position among your competitors, it is not just important to be available online but also be active on Social Media Networks. Now that does not mean that you have to be there for each of the social networking sites on the internet, but definitely, your presence on a couple of such sites is essential in today’s world for the success of you as an individual and also of your business.

Nowadays everybody is turning towards the Internet to search for their needs of goods and services and in order to stay competitive online presence is very crucial. A website and email service is not enough these days.

The need of the hour for all the business houses is the social media account through which the clients and customers feel connected to the company. To take the success of your business to another level, you have to update yourself and make your social media presence felt in the world.

There are many advantages of being available on such sites. Some of the benefits become very obvious and some other long-term benefits are realized on a later stage, which you will be able to connect with the activeness on the social media sites.

Whatever the online reputation management of your business is through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. It allows the companies to enjoy the following benefits:

It increases your brand recognition:

There was a time where the success of your brand did not depend on the Internet. Brands got recognized on the basis of their hard work and quality products made available to the consumers. But in today’s world masses turn to the social media, for all the information and therefore this type of platform should be considered as a marketing medium, which helps you to improve your voice, group your content and make your brand popular.

Should be accessible to the consumers:

Every year US business houses lose billions of money owing to poor customer service. It’s simple logic. People who are unhappy with the services won’t return back to the company. Social media doesn’t curb poor customer service altogether, but does make the customer important and make him more accessible.

Gone are the days where the customer had to call up the customer care and write long complaint letters. But now the trend is just to go online and go direct to the source. Now in such cases the grievances are looked into quickly and immediate relief is provided to the customer.

Makes your profile very clear which should display all your skills and services and profile is not good for your company’s image and that is the last thing you would want to happen, right?

Build connections and start networking just as you do in your real life. It is the same process of making relations and getting connected to people and making your presence felt.

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You need to be very active in the social media. Just making an account is not enough. You have to make your activeness felt by making more and more connections and making the clients feel your presence.

For instance, when you have a Twitter account and the clients find that you have not posted anything in the last six months it does not give a good impression about you and your business that might reflect in the negative. If you are not active on social media you are not active in your business is the notion.

Be engaged with other people also on the social media. It is very similar to attending a party. When you go there, you don’t just stand there in a corner, right? Neither would you just talk about yourself and your business. You will talk to people and try to know about their business and work too. This is the real meaning of networking and socializing.

Apply the party rules here too, and make more and more connections and you will soon start to find an enhancement in your business.

Learn to respond even to negative comments on the site. Yes of course, nobody like negative feedbacks. But when you don’t respond to such comments people think you are not bothered about his complaint. Never react, but always respond to the complaint in a positive and effective manner.

This way the customers will not feel ignored and will be ensured that you really care and want to provide a solution to their problems. Replying to an individual’s complaint is the most positive sign he would get from the company. And this will enhance your social reputation too.

Maintaining social media account is just very similar to maintaining real life social relations, but in a different format.


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