Make your Investments Seamlessly Interesting by Investing in HDFC Mutual Fund Online

hdfc mutual fund online

Are you facing complexity while engaging in manual paper work related to your HDFC Mutual Fund? Well, now is the time you consider investing online as to protect yourself from any peculiarities associated with endless paperwork. Take online route that barely takes only minutes for you to get holdings of your HDFC Mutual Fund units.

This online mutual fund website is offered directly from HDFC Mutual Fund to help investors avoid engaging in lots of paperwork hassles which at times prevents then for not initiating further. This may have caused many inconveniences while dealing with lots of investors at the same time.

In order to belittle this, HDFC Mutual Fund has laid down an online investment portal which provides a common framework for all the investors either new or existing to invest confidently with any of their HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes.

How to Access HDFC Mutual Fund Online ?

Gear up yourself for buying any of the HDFC Mutual Fund schemes online. Follow step-by-step approach as described below:

Online Mode

Make your investments through HDFCMFOnline where investors have full flexibility to transact online i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. By choosing HDFCMFOnline investor can:

Step 1: Allow themselves in buying the number of any of the HDFC Mutual Fund scheme units.

Step 2 : Engage themselves in redeeming the number of units

Step 3: Allow themselves switching to other units of HDFC Mutual Fund Scheme

Step 4: Permit themselves in registering for Systematic Transactions(SIP / STP / FLEXINDEX / FLEXSTP)

Step 5 : Getting access to view their account details

Step 6 : Getting access to view their portfolio valuation

Step 7: Allow themselves in downloading their account statements Online

To fulfill the above online formalities, any investor can engage themselves to transact in:

  • An existing folio
  • An email Id(which is registered in the folio)
  • HPIN (HDFC Personal Identification Number)

Now you can track the stock market movements in your fist, convert it to your advantage. Secure your HPIN now and within a click of a few button start seamless journey of investing in HDFC Mutual Fund schemes.

Once you opt for HDFC Online, the convenience that it offers you to transact online is worth more than  pestering yourself when dealing in offline mode. The offline medium can only make you engaged in much of paperwork transactions which is alltogether difficult and much of time-consuming processes.

HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement

Willing to track your mutual fund investments? Do it yourself by having an overview of your HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement. This statement is a precise overview of all your transaction details which involve the date of purchase, switch or redemption from relative schemes, a number of units held, medium of payment during transaction etc. In short, it permits the investors to evaluate the number of transactions made by them during their stay in the scheme.

Now you can redirect your HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement on your email ID. Moreover, obtain a Folio number which represents your holding units within the HDFC Mutual Fund schemes. The last 5-transaction gives you the details about the number of transactions made under the folio. This can be tracked through an electronic ‘Statement of Account’ which HDFCMF sends onto your registered email ID.

HDFC Mutual Fund NAV

Wish to buy HDFC Mutual Fund? Assess the latest Net Asset Value or  NAV of the existing HDFC Mutual Fund which you have chosen so as to initiate your transaction processes.

Since NAV indicates the market price per unit of the fund i.e. the number of units allotted by HDFC Mutual Fund on your investment. The following formula is helpful for calculating NAV

NAV = (Value of Assets-Value of Liabilities)/number of units outstanding

While at the time of your redemption or liquidation of your HDFC Mutual Fund units, NAV is required. The calculation will be done as :

Suppose, the current NAV is ₹ 20.00 and the exit/redemption load is 1%, then repurchase price will  come out to be ₹ 19.8.

HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

Transact online in any of the HDFC Mutual Fund schemes. Select your preferences from amongst Mutual Fund schemes across the list of 12 funds and start investing online.

    • Equity/Growth funds
    • Liquid funds
    • Debt/Income Funds
    • Children’s Gift fund
    • Retirement Savings fund
    • Fixed Maturity plans
    • Exchange traded funds
    • Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings scheme
    • Dual Advantage Fund
    • Capital Protection Oriented Schemes
    • Fund of fund schemes


  • Annual Interval Fund – Series 1 plan


HDFC Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

Do you find yourself stuck while making online purchase or redemption? Discuss with an experienced customer care representative of HDFC Mutual Fund. Dial the toll-free number on : 1800 3010 6767/1800 419 7676 or put forward your request on an email address mentioned on their website.


Disclaimer : Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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