ISA Migrations: Why Study in France?

The French Higher Education System is world-class and dynamic training for leaders of one nation plays a central role in the field of science, business and culture. The France Inviting a large number of students every year in the country, the highest demand in France after studying abroad.  Additionally to a good educational experience, after graduation in France studies lead to good career opportunities at international level.

France is better known for its high level of technical development, culture, and reputation in the education system, which attracts the number of young candidates in every academic year. France maintains its main position in subjects such as mathematics, astrophysics, biology, medicine (medical in France), genetics, physics and other science subjects. The country is prominent for its contribution in the fields of science and research.

It is well known for its Elite Grande Ecole, where there are selective entry levels for best students in areas like Business, Engineering. In the information technology sector, France is second in Europe and fourth in the world. France is at the forefront of technological growth in many areas. France is responsible for the monitoring and technical management of the European Space Program Arian, which is the operational launcher of several dozen communication and observation satellites.

France is a well-known center for scientific and technical innovation: Electronic card, TGV train and Aryan launcher, the discovery of HIV virus, has been some of the most remarkable accomplishments of the past decades.

Many French grand posts and universities have proved to be very successful in the best ranking in the world organized by Europe and/or specialist international newspapers.

In France, there is a double system for higher education: “Universities” and “Grandes Ecoles”; the latter (less than 5% of the students) requires a very competitive selection entry examination. The “Grandes Ecoles” system is mostly related to science and business studies. For the study of medicine and law, the Grandes are not Ecoles but universities have developed selection systems during their studies.

Grande Ecoles and French universities are now continuously using English as a medium of education, especially for francs and international students in areas such as management, engineering, political science. For students with a lack of proficiency in French, this is usually taught as a subject in their curriculum during the course.

Study in France is by the state and thus provides good value for money by giving internationally recognized degrees at affordable prices. Tuition is almost nothing, except for business schools, most students living in provincial cities will have less experience compared to most European capitals. The French government often provides international students with some financial support for housing up to one third for students and successful students.

In order to attract more international students, French universities are now increasingly using as a medium of education in areas like English, Management, Engineering, and Political Science. As part of family French hospitality, foreign students are warmly welcomed. Nowadays, most campuses have a multicultural environment. For students with proficiency in French, language centers and special courses are available on leave.

Worldwide, students selected France for their higher education. Many people also like to study in France from India. Presently, there are more than 4,000 Indian students studying in France. Five years ago in France, the number of Indian students in France is almost twice the number.

There are many reasons for those who choose France for their educational needs. The education system in France provides the best educational standards. The faculty is also an incredibly high standard, and students are given the opportunity to interact with people from high profile individuals from different fields.

Benefits of international students in France:

  • Student housing supplement
  • Student Social Security Cover
  • Ticket prices fall for cinemas, theatre, public transportation, university restaurants
  • Chance of getting involved in professional pay employment

Indian Students Study in France can learn a lot and benefit from these appointments, which are highly appreciated by future employers. Sometimes a successful collaboration can be a permanent situation. If you are an international student in France, then France will allow you to work on a part-time basis, while you will study in France.


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