Jeep Compass EMI Affordable Starting from 24K, Buy it Out Now


Wow! Jeep Compass SUV has made quite an impression upon its launch with a good number of enquiries and booking so far. Within a week of its launch, the SUV model has garnered around 40,000 enquiries and more than 5,000 bookings.

Judging from the growing rush among the buyers to get this SUV in their parking lot, the figures can notch much higher. Why there is so much of ‘Gung-Ho’ about the new car on the block? Well, when we tried to find the answer to this question, we found it’s the EMI that’s fitting into the pocket of many.

Yes, Jeep Compass EMI can be easily borne by someone earning 50,000 and more on a monthly basis. The SUV is launched in both petrol and diesel engine variants. So, what are the variants you can buy on a newly car loan? Let’s find them out in the article.


Launch of Jeep Compass Variants

The petrol and diesel engine variants of Jeep Compass SUV are named as Sport, Limited, Limited Option, Limited 4×4, Limited 4×4 Option, Longitude and Longitude Option. The prices and the EMI applicable are different among the models. Let’s catch the models one-by-one and find out their prices and the EMI that you would have to pay to drive them on the road.

Sport The petrol variant of the Sport model comes at an ex-showroom price of 14.95 lakhs, while it’s on-road value stands at  17.48 lakhs. The loan amount can be anywhere between 14.85-15.73 lakhs. On this loan amount, the EMI applicable would be ranging from 24K-27K.

On the other hand, the diesel version of the Sport model will take more bucks from your pocket with its ex-showroom price and on-road price standing at ₹15.45 lakhs and 18.36 lakhs, respectively. The lenders can disburse a loan of 15.60-16.50 lakhs. If that remains the case, an EMI close to 25,000 to a shade above 29,000 would have to be serviced.

Limited– The petrol version of Limited can be bought an ex-showroom price of 18.70 lakhs. The on-road price of the car can be 21.63 lakhs. Keeping these into the consideration, a loan amount of around 18.35 -19.45 lakhs can come your way. This will put before you a monthly installment of around 29,300 to 34,300 to pay to the lender.

The diesel version is available at an ex-showroom price of around 18 lakhs. While its on-road price can be slightly above 21 lakhs. So, you can get a loan of 18.20-19.20 lakhs, keeping your EMI in the range of 29,000-34,000.

Limited Option The limited option petrol-variant comes at an ex-showroom price and on-road price of 19.40 lakhs and 22.43 lakhs, respectively. The loan amount that can be financed here equals 19-20 lakhs. In this way, the monthly installment of 30,400-35,600 will have to be paid by a borrower. The diesel variant, on the other hand, has an ex-showroom price and on-road price of 18.75 lakhs and 22.23 lakhs, respectively. Expect a loan offer of 18.90-20 lakhs to come your way. On the loan amount, you should be ready to pay an installment of 30,000-35,000.

Longitude– The diesel-variant vehicle has an ex-showroom price at 16.45 lakhs. While the on-road price is around 19.50 lakhs. The expected loan amount here can be 16.60-17.58 lakhs, which would bring the EMI repayment to 26,500-31,000 for a borrower to service each month.

Longitude Option– The ex-showroom price of the diesel-engine powered Jeep Compass variant is at 17.25 lakhs, while the on-road amount stands at around 20.50 lakhs. You can thus expect an amount of 17.40-18.40 lakhs to be financed by the lender. For the loan amount you receive, you would have to pay 27,000-32,500 in the form of monthly installment.

Limited 4×4– The vehicle comes with an ex-showroom price tag of ₹19.95 lakhs and an on-road cost of ₹23.64 lakhs. You can be greeted with ₹20-21 lakhs of loan, which will bring the EMI of ₹32,000-37,500

Limited 4×4 Option– You can find the ex-showroom price and on-road price of the vehicle to be ₹20.65 lakhs and ₹24.46 lakhs, respectively. Thus, a loan worth around ₹21-22 lakhs can come your way. With that, the EMI repayment turns out to be approximately ₹33,000-39,000.

NoteThe ex-showroom and on-road costs of the Jeep Compass models are the ones sold in New Delhi. These costs will vary across the cities and states of India. The loan amount in each of the vehicles is based on 85%-90% of the on-road amount. The amount can change, based on the CIBIL score, income, repayment capability, the organization where you work, among a host of other factors.

Folks, how has been reading Jeep Compass EMI information? Hope, it will help you choose from the Jeep Compass models as you would know the loan amount and the EMI applicable to those.

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