Jewellery And Engagement Ring Design Rules You Can Break

Even rules have a place, but you can trust that a jewellery store is not among such a place. Actually, it’s firmly believed that you need to check the do’s and don’ts at the jewellery store door and instead just follow your instincts. After all, contrasting to any set of arcane rules, your own heart will never steer you wrong especially if it concerns choosing a wedding or an engagement ring. If you want to wear men’s skull rings for your engagement, then why not? Here are the most common engagement and wedding ring design rules you can toss right out the window.


  1. Never mix metals:

People hardly ever have any objection against wearing pieces that bear similar tones, if that is what gets your boat to float. But it will also be good to think that the days of being concerned whether your earrings, ring and necklace match are gone. It is perfectly okay to welcome your latest crush on platinum but still wear the rose gold heirloom ring you love so much. What matters most to you is that you are wearing pieces you feel really good in and which you cherish so much.


  1. Wedding rings must match:

Both of you might be fans of Tex-Mex food or Bruce Lee’s movies, while your wedding band tastes could not be more varied. The best advice is that you stick with the pieces that speak to your particular preferences. If you desire to have a common thread between you two, consider imitating one ring’s element in the other. For example, you could order any of the classic men’s skull rings online. But to reflect that in her own ring, you could get her women’s skull ring too at the store with each made from a different metal.


3, Bigger is forever better:

Quality matters and not size. If you must choose between a small stone that’s flawless to your naked eyes and a larger one with a visible inclusion, always choose the small one. Even if the crack or spot isn’t noticeable to your spouse right now, as soon as the stone becomes dirty, that fact will certainly rear its head. Learn everything you can about gemstone clarity to save yourself from future headaches.


  1. It must be costly:

The sentiment behind this rule is understandable. After all, an engagement or wedding ring is a key purchase, but it’s better to spend an amount you can comfortably afford. A wise word is that you should determine your price range first before going to the jeweller. Just like metal and setting preferences, you budget is among the features you can utilize to get the engagement ring of your dreams. You don’t currently have the money for the gemstone you actually desire? Most couples do buy the ring they desire with a Masonite gemstone sometimes, with them intending to upgrade the stone to a diamond at a later date.
Trends certainly come and go. But both of you will remain wearing those rings for several years to come. Dismiss copying Kimye’s bands and go for the style that appeals to you the most. If you love men’s skull rings, that, is what you should go for. Just consult one of the expert and trustworthy designers to ask questions about rules like those listed here and other design related issues.

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