Job Search apps are the New Mania in Job Market!! But, How?

Job Search app

In today’s digital society, the trend of job hunt has reformed and recast completely. Thanks to the job hunt mobile apps available across a variety of smart devices, which enables you to take your job search on the go, where you can apply for various positions anytime, anywhere.

Finding jobs is both easier and harder. It’s simpler because the magic of the internet and mobile apps lets you search large databases. This is not surprising admitting that a large number of job seekers are turning to mobile apps that enable them to search for new assignments, submit their online portfolios, and connect with recruiters around the world through various social networks.

The recent stats proves that about 86% of the job seekers would use their smartphone to find a job, with 65% saying they would use mobile apps to find work. 55% would accept job alerts, 47% would apply to jobs, and another 45% would use their mobile job apps to track the particular application status.

The above statistics have caused the recruitment firms to become abuzz with the possibilities and necessities to encompass mobile usage. However, navigating the things can be difficult at times. In this roundup, we’ll look at how to job hunt apps helps to build a successful career.

There are interesting benefits of using a mobile app for job hunt purpose:

  • Portability of job seeking activities is made effortless and convenient to apply for work.
  • Access to new job postings on demand makes the immediacy the key to successful job searching.

How Can Mobile Apps benefit the Recruiters?

To look for the best candidates, a significant portion of recruitment needs to shift towards mobile technology, such as Happy Minds Video Resume App, which allows recruiters to measure a candidate’s skill sets based on their video resume which will help in reducing the recruiters hiring time drastically while getting the brightest minds on board.

With the growing advancements in technology, it is not just creating jobs where the duty of a recruiter ends. It is equally important to place the right person in the right job, and this is what our job search mobile apps do exactly, ensuring jobs that best suits your professional skills.

There are many apps in the world of job hunt, and one such job hunt app that has been trending enormously is “Happy Minds,” that seeks for the candidate who is in search of jobs and making them realise their potential and how worthy they are, this not only makes the candidate feel ease but also the process of recruiting is simplified.

The unique feature of the appSelfie video resumemakes the process of recruitment easy for both the candidate and the recruiter. The selfie video resume is a video shot by the candidate by expressing himself, putting out his qualifications, experiences and professional skills in selfie style. The video should be near around 60 seconds. The app has updated features that include group chat, forums where all your doubts regarding job from any field of industry would be cleared through expert advice.


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