Jump on the sweet bandwagon pronto! Reach the best bakeries in Hyderabad!

best bakeries

It is not for nothing that God gave us a sweet tooth. The sweet cake, pastries and muffins whisper sweet nothings in our ear without being loud. Be it a small treat or a big jamboree, bakeries come to our rescue at all occasions. The best bakeries in Hyderabad that will make you crave for more are many. Take a gander at this small yet sweet list.


Known for its homemade baked items, they have everything your mouth can imagine. Cakes, lemon tarts, red velvet, walnut cake, choco chip and what not! They can customize your cakes and pastries as per your requirement. All we say is INDULGE!

Karachi Bakery

A bakery since forever and a day, and will stay for keeps. The fruit cookies, nuts, cakes, pastries – a whole team of grand sweet family will keep you delighted. Lots of flavours means lots of fun for the greedy tongue. All we say is don’t forget to hit this bakery if you roll in Hyderabad!

Donut House

The feast of doughnuts at this bakery will leave you spellbound. They come in different flavours strawberry, blueberry, coffee and chocolate (the best). All we say is, go nuts in this house of doughnuts.

Guilt Trip

A trip to the lanes of this bakery will not make you guilty by a long shot. With a number of options to choose from, their chocolate cupcakes, pastries and cheesecake are unmatchable. All we say is don’t forget to taste the slice of heaven.

Almond House

All sweet goodies greet you at Almond House. Cookies and biscuits oozing with badaam flavour are what they are known for. And what’s more, you can gobble down badaam rolls and burfis. All we say is, it’s a treat not to be missed.

Baker’s Inn

This is an oldie but goodie. Yes, been in Hyderabad since ages. Though they are old, you can place the order online as well. The perks of the combination of being old and new – cheers! We won’t name the goodies you get here as they are famous like chocolate. All we say is recreate the memories you created here once again.

It takes two to tango but it takes a whole gang to go gaga. So hit all these sweet protagonists of the story called bakery. Sweet beginning, sweet climax, sweet end and all things sweet in between.

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