What To Keep In Mind While Picking Carpets For Your Home!

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Homes today are incomplete without the presence of a carpet in any of the rooms. It makes the house appear homely and cozy by creating a soft appeal. The color scheme undoubtedly enhances the beauty of the home. But selecting a perfect piece is not an easy job. You will need to keep in mind a number of things before picking one.

Answer these questions yourself

Before buying a carpet there is a list of things that you need to have cleared in your mind because these will help you pick the right carpet.

  • Where do you want the carpet
  • Is the room used heavily or for special occasions only
  • Would you enter the room directly from outside
  • What is the room’s size

The answers are necessary for picking the right texture of your carpet. A room that is used for only formal purposes will not have the same carpet as the room that is a playground for children and pets. Similarly, white must be reserved for occasional use while darker shades are perfect for everyday grind. The room size is also important for selecting the carpets because other than beautifying a room it also enhances the size of the room.

Pick a shade

While selecting a color do remember that the shade must be a couple of patches darker than what you want so that it lasts in spite of washing. Browse through the wide variety of shades available with carpet suppliers in India before ordering.

  • Also, if you are picking the carpet before completing the rest of the décor then pick something neutral so that it goes with the rest of the room.
  • A bold color can make a statement but it can also create a shabby look for the rest of the room.
  • Check the latest color trends so that your floors can sport a contemporary look.
  • You can also try flecked one instead of a single color. The berber flecks use both light and dark shades to create the flecks. Using flecks is practical because the color combination hides dirt and is the ideal choice in a household with children.
  • Dark colors help in camouflaging stains but they also show dust and lint between vacuuming.
  • Light colors make the room seem spacious and bigger while darker shades make it look cozy.

Understand texture and fiber

You can get carpets in wool and nylon mix, wool as well as synthetic fibers. If you are picking synthetic fiber then remember that it does not fade easily and soft in feel. Wool, on the other hand, is comfortable, warm in cold months, and quite cool during summer.   Thicker carpets can be used easily to lie on so pick a dense one for your kids playroom. The carpet manufacturers in India create a wide range of products to suit the requirements of everyone.

If you have a family with pets and kids then be a little calculative while choosing the carpet. You will want something that lasts long and is comfortable for the entire family.

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